Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Fast forward to the morning after.....Metallica !!!!

A Canadian in Ireland, i call her 'D'...for Dangerous, or something of the like

The sun greeted me, by shining in the window of the Hostel 'El Dodgy', so far so good... so far.

Carrig a reid rope bridge, i saw Billy Connelly walk it and i said to meself, i'll go there, and i did too

I once met an old guy on Inish Mor (Aran Islands), who wasn’t so old, he might have been old because he was in his 70’s, he wasn’t so old because when he woke up he would jump out of bed and say an Hail Mary and then do some shadow boxing. I have never met anyone young that would do that, the house would have to be on fire for my family to get out of bed.

I did not jump out of bed, I was balls naked, in the El Dodgy hostel, what do you expect for 12 Euro? You certainly get what you pay for.

I woke up with my ass facing the dorm and my face to the wall, I saw no evil. For some reason I thought the chick opposite me was Diana (my bestest friend from Canada) I said something to her then I remember laughing, then I remembered Diana was in Cork and there were other people in the dorm, that’s a lot of remembering with your member unrestrained like a wild Jackal, in the El Dodgy hostel.

I thought I might as well get up and have a shower, but first I went looking for the toilet, I had to come down to the ground floor. There were only 2 toilets and 1 shower in the whole place. There was an Australian looking guy in his Australian flag boxer shorts with a ‘Support your local hooker’, I was pretty sure he wasn’t from Sligo with 2 other chicks waiting for the shower, and I was just thinking if they went in together they would have used less water, which would be good for Oz as it hardly rains, in Ireland there’s hardly any sunshine.

I asked the receptionist if there were any other showers, she said no, I laughed + laughed, she said ‘I know, people ask me that all the time’

Just then a guy left and said ‘Goodbye’ in a stern voice, he didn’t sound like he was going to be back, and we laughed. They must have been pumping laughing gas into the place.

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