Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Road trip 2008

Feeding the horse?

The great road trip of the summer of our lord 2008 (Star date, has yet to be defined, that much is true)

After getting the car, we decided to go to Cobh, so off we went… to Cobh, which helps, if your going to Cobh, which is strange, because we missed the turn off and ended up in Dungarvan, oh well stranger things have happened, it was a nice spin anyway, we weren’t far from the road that if you coast down the hill, feels like your going up hill, it’s all an allusion, but isn’t life an allusion?

Not so little horse

Went to Ardmore, and saw where we used to go on holidays, it was like going to Spain for the O’Callaghan’s, and we got cornflakes on summer holidays, other families got cornflakes all the time, Porridge in Glanmire. Cornflakes in Waterford, oh the joy of going out ‘Foreign’.

We walked along the beach and didn’t stack any stones, the Normans were better at that kind of thing, and wasn’t the evidence everywhere to be seen.

Point of Interest, you are never more than 8 miles from a Norman building in Ireland, 4 miles an hour being the walking speed, you were never more than 2 hours from another fort.
Later we called into an art gallery and had chips (the latter brought back memories, we obviously didn’t have much need for nutrition in dem daze)


Day 1 of the trip we drove up through Cashel and stayed in Kilkenny, great music and pubs in Kelkenny, if your passing through that is, if your living there it might be another story, didn’t go into the castle, home of the Butlers.

The guy I met that was a landscaper for Coolmore stud was telling me how clannish Kilkenny people are.

This was on Inis Oirr (Aran Islands) after some drunk local told him in a rude way to stop singing English songs, and they were Christy Moore songs to boot. I don’t think that drunk local saw himself as part of any European union, and the signs of the European union everywhere. Small people.

West Coast

Before the European Union, not long ago this country used to be full of pot holes, the stories of people falling into pot holes you might expect in a war zone were stuff of legends, and we were nearly a 3rd world country.

I didn’t encounter too many potholes driving around Ireland; 20 years ago you would have had a very sore back side. Hurrah for the European Union, for every $1 we gave them they gave us $8, so we gave them all our money, I’m sure a lot of Germans were wondering where their tax $’s were going and I have a soft bum to prove they were $ well spent.

I heard about a guy who rang the local council to tell them a local guy who was known to make dodgy compensation claims was taking photos of big pot holes in front of his house, the next day, the whole road was repaved.
I was probably cheaper to re pave the road than go to court with a guy after some handy $$$

West Coast

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Diana said...

Your brain is such a random mess, I cannot even follow your stories, and sometimes I was even there! I continue to be confused and baffled.

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