Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.......what's left of it.

So here’s the deal.

Lot’s of ‘Stuff’ happened and is happening, and my job is to tell you about them in such a way that makes you think I’m having the time of my life and if I ever get time to reread it all (or part of) I will think (in my own way), well I have done some things of note (and hopefully made it into blog’s of note, I’m not taking any bets)

I have lots of things to catch up on, you see I have made notes, and even though they were good times, I’m not sure I should start there, but where to start, so I’ll start at the start, the start being, what ever isn’t crossed out in the notebook, it’s my own version of crosswords.

Shane castle from the O'Neill clan, Antrim

When I write my notes in my blog I cross out the words in my note book (some people that read my blog think I’m insane, no I’m not, yet, but there’s no people in society that think there as sane as the insane, and maybe there the sane ones …. as the man said.

I think I’ll tell you about Metallica, I stayed at ‘El dodgy’ hostel, it was at the bottom of the list of hostels that a free bed, so I checked in and went walking. Went to the pub with all the flower pots (South side) and was talking to a fan (not electric) of Metallica

I didn’t go to the gig as early as I normally would have, thereby missing Jack Black’s band. I have heard tell they are a funny band. When I came back to Cork I was talking to a chick collecting tickets at the cinema that went to see Mr Black’s band (Tenacious D), she spent the whole time queuing to get in, and when she got in, it was over. I walked straight in.

I chose right, in getting there later, just about.

Shell to Sea protest site

You see, I , we got a bus from the city, on the way out, everybody was half drunk, getting that way, some people got off to relieve themselves, some bought beer, you see it was rush hour traffic, I got off too, and got on. The driver was a laugh, some guys from the bus behind us got on our bus and told us their driver was an asshole.

The first 2 guys that got off were walking next to the bus for over an hour, they got on and some people got off, then the bus took off for the next 5kms to the gig, they must have been the luckiest guys in Ireland (the ones that got on).

Metallica said we were loud, and I think they were right for the amount of people, Kirk ran back on stage after the gig and said ‘Hey Ireland, my dad is full blood Irish’, that morning I read that his dad was an alcoholic and was never around, they played from 8.30 till around 11, not bad.

Look familiar

Thank you, come again.

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