Friday, 31 October 2008

Home town of El Che, Rosario

Hello folks, reporting here for Rosario, as the title says El Che was from here, staying with some cool Couch Surfers.

It's a 2 bedroom apartment, about 9 people crash here at any time, there is always room, the baby Jesus would not have been turned away from this place.

One of Argentina's most famous moments

Woke up on my first day here with cats jumping on me and around me, the less said here the better, my tolerance for cats must be increasing, but i still prefer dogs, and dinosaurs, and baby rinos, and stuff. You know what i mean?

Went for a stroll around town, very european.

Called into El Che's house, well from the outside, it looked just like the outside of the house in the movie 'The motorcycle diarys'

Went out last night with the crew, to a place called 'Berlin', but the boys call it 'Church', because they go religiously.

Home town of El

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Modern technology, what will they think of next?

So i updated my Facebook status to say that i was in Buenos Aires, because that's what your supposed to do, that's what i did.

So anyway the 2 Aussies i met in Taquila were in town and eventually got in touch with me on couch surfer Pedro's line, they were suposed to leave that day, but they got mugged, so over a few beers the story came out.

They said i terrorised them that day while proceeding to try every type of Taquila in the tour

Couch surfer Pedro Buenos Aires

It appaears when i met them i said, 'Now girls, 2 things will happen to you in South America..
1, You will stubb your toe
2, You will get mugged

I dont remember dispensing this wise knowledge, but there you go.

On the way to the bus station, one of the girls stubbed their toe and they said 'Well at least we have't been mugged'

They went to buy bus tickets at 1pm, and went out the side entrance, where 5 guys and 1 girl mugged them.

Actually it was 1 really fat guy had one of them in a head lock and was saying something in their ear but since they dont speak spanish, they have no idea what he was on about.

So anyway the really fat guy was too fat to run away, so he just waddled away.

It would have been almost comical to have seen it

One of the girls dropped her glasses and one of the kids went to grab them and she screamed 'NO!', and he seemed to get a bit of a fright and ran off.

So they went to report it to the cops, the cops asked them if they wanted to look through 2000 photos, but the people that robbed them all looked the same.

Argentenian street kids 1, Australia 0

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Buenos Aires is the New York of South America

In front of El Che's house with 2 couchsurfer's from San Francisco

Ali my friend in New York, sent me a link to this country and western song, telling me she used to sing it 5 times a day at college, not sure what college she went to, clown college i was hoping.

Check it out: friends

I was expecting the lyrics to be differnt like...

Blame it all on the wife...
The trouble and strife, as i took another snort of cocaine...

It is a strange world after all, dont let anyone tell you differnt.

Ali spent a year in Buenos Aires, and i now know why, BA is a South American version of New York, Paris Hiltons everywhere, without the hotel empire.

Things i noticed in BA, it's very like NY, but as Couch Surfer Pedro's grandmother pointed out, BA is much more beautiful than NY, and she said it a few times, just so i'd remember and i remember (only just because i wrote it down)

They deliver pizza on roller blades, the streets look like lover Manhattan, some, and there's always something going on.

Now in Ali's defence, she put me on to Dirt Nasty
Dirt Nasty's an aminal lover

If you like NY, you'll love BA, the only law followed is the law of gravity, do what you want, except dont go selling coins, there's a law against that.

Coins are scarse in BA, if you have them keep them, the bus drivers were selling them, it made me laugh.

They love dogs, just like manhattan, not many kids, just dogs, the subway, the houses.

ALi was telling me she loved BA, her sister is there, i heard about BA in NY, no small wonder Ali loves NY and New Yorkers love BA, maybe Sex and the city could do a South American version?


Monday, 27 October 2008

Buenos Dias Buenos Aires

They dont make them like this anymore, really, they dont!

Stayed at the Millhouse, great place to meet Irish and English and Irish and.....
The bar closes at 5.30am, because of all the drunken Irish singing it closed at 2am one night.

I met an English guy on the Cemetery tour and we went to the Chivas V Rivers, Chivas won 2-1.

The Rivers fans are known as the Millionaires and the Chickens, Boca fans throw feathers + Chicken feed at them (if they are lucky, they throw other stuff too, yuck!)

Anyway the Hostel charged 160 pesos to go to the game, we went ourselves, got in, had lots of Tapas and nearly 2 bottles of wine, got back, had 3 big beers and we still saved money going by ourselves.

Met a Taxi driver coming back to Couch Surfer Pedros and he was a Rivers fan, and he was cursing them and they got beaten by Boca 2 - 0, Maradonna was all coked up and drunk, his daughter was trying to pull him back, to stop him falling, big game!! And Maradonna used to play for Boca.

I was thinking about Diana and then i was thinking about this Coldplay song

After the game and we were walking back, Chris was laughing out loud, with Rivers fans not too happy, i thought it best we go for dinner in restaurant we were passing, EXCELLENTE !!! Tapas and wine.

The Oblisk was built to celebrate Argentina's centenary celebration

One of the reasons i'm in Argentina is for the steak dinners, so lets start there, shall we?

I was never much of a meat connoisseur, i've had a few, it was good, that is that, but i will tell you, since i haven't been drinking Guinness, the bear belly, like every market in the world has taken a right clobbering, pretty soon, i will have to send out a search party.
Someone gave my beer belly (along with some other ones a name in Sydney one night, in Sydney, in the Court House i believe), it was a good laugh, so much for beer bellies?

I met up with Couch Surfer Pablo and went to dinner with his Grand Mother, what a laugh, she had a map of Ireland in her house, soon i was pointing out Cork, her people were from Galway, 500,000 people in Argentina claim Irish heritage, we are very popular. Not many Irish have maps of Ireland in their houses, go to Argentina.

Went to Evita's grave and saw Admiral Brown, a guy from Mayo, whos the greatest hero of Argentina.

Admiral Browns grave

Went to the Races with Couch Surfer Abbey from Austin, Texas

She was telling me how forward the Argentinian guys were, they come up and talk and wont go away.

She has tried 'I've got a boyfriend', them 'He's not here now'
'I'm married', them 'He's not here now'
'I'm pregnant', them 'Thats ok'

Old Army car

So, on the first day it was bucketing down, so much i was telling myself, why did come in winter, since then it's been 30 odd degrees, i had just come from Miami, 33 degrees, but that afternoon it was like the summer we didn't get in Ireland, and since then too, maybe Diana and meself should have went to Argentina for summer?

Couchsurfer Pedro

The only law obeyed is the Law of gravity

Another day another dollar, the man said.

Couch Surfer Pedro, in Buenos Aires

So, i've been couchsurfing.

The first night in Buenos Aires, i meet up with at least 6 couchsurfers and we end up in a Drum and Bass club, and i thought i didn't even like that music, or maybe i really like that DJ, 5 hours later, i'm still dancing, no stimulants, it was a great night, only 1 day into the proceedings.

Did someone call for help?

I had photos, but since i dont have them, i will try and cast my mind back to something good, i went to Love Hate tattoo parlour in Miami.

I met Chris from Miami Ink, a few night later, i met the guy Chris did his apprentice with, and i me his porn star girlfriend, her friend that must have still been shooting the odd scene.

Met couch surfer Lannie, that bought me lunch and drove me to the Miami airport from Fort Lauderdale, very handy!!!!

Saw some amazing boats and houses.

One of the local girls had a 'Sweet 16' party, her father said she could have anything, she wanted a pool of Koi fish, dad spends 15k, next day he come out and the Pelicans are flapping around, stuffed with fish!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Last days in NY part 2

No pictures, read the words

So after ringing around to all the hostels, i enede up ringing Couchsurfer Jessica, and i reserved the couch (one of) for another night, no one hung up on me, and i saved $32, but i probably spent way more on the taxi home and all the cocktails.

Before i left Ali, her mother and grandmother bought up breakfast, i had a big Irish. How could you go wrong, the part of the Bronx they live in is very Irish, outside the back door you can see a big Irish flag, you dont see that ever in Ireland, but this is America and people need remindin'.

I met some Irish guys in NY, they gave me a whole list of numbers for Fort Lauderdale. I was there to watch the Red Sox, but they were geting beaten, doesn't look like a world (American) title for them this year, i got the lowdown on Miami, i could have read it in a book, but wheres the fun in that?

A guy from Dublin i met was telling me a Barney Rock quote 'When we have sold enough of our own country we will become strangers in it', how true.

I was this quote 'Bacteria may well be the only type of culture some people have'

I was reading 'Home before night' by Hugh Leonard, he tells the story about how his dog hated priests and nuns, his dad said he hated black, but he was very placid with the Prodestent priest, his mother was scandalised

Last days in Ny, what could go wrong, right?

Banksy exhibit photos
Banksy, project

This trip to NY (4th) went very well, i managed to save a bit of money by staying on peoples couches, but at the same time i blew $375 on a camera that i could have bought for $150.

Never buy a camera in a good mood, next time i go to buy a camera i will be in the foulest of moods.

So the last few days of NY i tried booking into a hostel and going to a broadway show, but, no go. It was the bank holiday weekend, everything was booked out. I looked up some hostel's and read about one hostel cleaning staff go robbing people from many many people.

Since staff at hostels are on minimum wage and get no tips, they dont care at all.

I rang one hostel and they put me on hold for 10 min and then hung up.

I saw a chick in the park with a sign 'Free Advice', i wanted to ask a question, but she was busy with another client and my friends were in a hurry.

Are there a lot of virgins in the Virgin Islands?
Are you telling the truth if you lie in bed?
Could crop-circles be the work of a cereal killer?
Do fish get thirsty?

Or just ask the fruitcake lady?

I called another hostel to make a booking the woman said they didn't take walk ins, but i pointed out i was calling to make a reservation, very confused i hung up.

Ali wouldn't believe me so she called again, she go the same response and pointed out that their website said call to make reservation's, the woman didn't seem to understand.

You pay peanuts you get monkeys, she should have been in the Banksy exhibit.

Banksy, project

If you want service, you have to tip

From Addictive Ink to Tattoo Ink

My new arm

So i got the latest addition to my arm, nearly 6 hours later, iwas all wrapped up and out the door, in a daze of pain. We started at 4ish and i came out around 10ish. The outline took 2hours. The next day i remembered i forgot to tip Liz, so i got a card and put money in it and dropped it off.

I read the next day, people that give thankyou notes benifit more emotionally from giving them than the people that recieve them, and the sender feels good about themselves for about a month, i have 26days feel good credit left, i hope i dont blow it :)

I read last week 'It's not what happens to us that hurts us, it's our reaction that hurts us' and when you think about it, that makes a lot of sense, a lot of really emotional people react rather than respond, somepeople can travel the world and have a great time, some people will go down the road for a bottle of milk and have a terrible experience.

Brooklyn, Bedford Avenue

Couch surfer Sergio has a sign in his bathroom that says 'Why do people find Graffitti so offencive and at the same time the same people dont mind advertising shoved in their faces?' True, quite true

After getting the 'Body modification' (only criminals get tattoos) i met Ali in Queens at a party, well the real party was on the Stoop, so we had beers on the stoop, after the party we went to some guys house, he had the biggest flar screen i have seen in anybodys house and sbout 25 differnt types of good whiskey, on the way we passed some notorious bar that doubled as a brothel that you could recieve manual relief at the bar, how convenient!

In da hood in Brooklyn NY

Prospect park

So it turns out my friend Ali in the Bronx likes Rap, i couldn't believe my ears when she told me, then we watched the next video.

Dirt Nasty 1980

Met couchsurfer Jessica at her local, thats not her local, but now that she's been there, she might go again and she's only been living across the road for 3 years.

Couchsurfer Sarah and 2 random guys from Galway i met

I met the boys from Galway because i got poured a really crap Murphys in a bar in Manhattan, onece i saw it i said, no thanks and was about to leave when one of the boys said, i dont blame you, i wouldnt drink that myself, so then i ordered an Ale and we continued for hours, good night in the end, all because a pint of Murphys that looked like a pint of Coke !!

Back to couchsurfer Jessica in Brooklyn........
Anyways the presidental debate was on and everybody was engrossed in watching McCain make an eejit of himself, only in America.

So i had a beer, after a few minutes the guy next to me says 'Ho i thought that was my beer, i had a sip, no problem i says, he lets me use his phone, he leaves, the bar girl pours the beer down the drain and says later 'I thought it was his beer', i had to laugh!


So i'm looking at the grey squirells in the park and i asked the girl next to me 'Where do all the squirells go in the winter time?', it gets really cold.

She said 'The equaitor', i nearly collapsed thinking about a bunch of squirells flying down to Ecuador flicking through the inflight magazine and annoying the stewardess for more nuts. Like something out of Gremlins, but with squirells :)

Another Ali favourite
Mickey Avalon, So Rich So Pretty

I saw a tattoo in NY, it said 'Sworn to fun, loyal to none', i was wondering how long that attitude would last, one day they would have to pick kids up from school and their world would come crashing down.That is what living in the moment will do to you

A big bird on a big house

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Poetry corner with Kieran

I was reading somewhere about how this poem speaks of "Those who make me real to myself", and it seemed to ring a note with me, i might have to make a list of people that keep me real

by Kate Knapp Johnson

for C├ęsar Vallejo

To speak with a simple mouth.
No more
big words. Bread works.
Butter, a long walk
by the river works,
salt, fog, wood.

I know how to turn myself cold,
to cut everything off—
I can slice my heart to minnows,
but it’s my wish
to remain alive, God with
and without me; those
who made me real to myself
have gone away and still

I would like to stay, the way he did,
though he was burning up
with longing and far
from home.
—He knew
he’d never see his home again
and he let that
purify him.

Couch surfing in Brooklyn New York and stuff

Met a guy yesterday who told me about this floating bar, so if your reading this and your free, go on down.

My Horoscope in the Examiner when i left Cork read

Because of lifes experiences, you have been stripped of all pretensions, leading to a re-evaluation of your life + a change in your
consciousness. Enjoy the transformation. You are quite the butterfly. Others may be slow to adapt but give them time.

So with that in mind, i want to get a butterfly added to my tattoo i am getting today from Liz in St Marks.

The way i see it, people cant accuse me of being white if my arm is all different color's.

Every time i see Liz, i go from being a guy with a head of hair with beard to a shaven head and face type, i think i was a sheep in my previous life, a change is as good as a holiday.

Now i want to tell you about passport control in JFK, the guy that was looking at my passport never said a word to me, not a hello, goodbye, kiss me ass and in i walked to the land of the free, no welcomes there.

I once knew a guy that had a bet with his friends that he could serve people all day without saying a word in a busy Dublin CD store (back when people bought them), he won the bet, and i was wondering/hoping the guy in Immigration was doing the same thing?

There was only about 15 on the flight to Dublin and even though i was looking at the gate i was the last to get on the flight and in Dublin i was Paranoid about missing the flight, which i thought was leaving at 5.30, so i went to the gate at 4.45, it was actually leaving at 5.

I read once 'People that are paranoid are usually right', from now on i will ultra paranoid with anything to do with planes taking off, not so much with them landing, although planes landing is important too, it was a good job i was paranoid or else i'd be still in Glanmire flicking through channels during ad breaks of CSI and not on the A train, yep i was on the A train when i wrote that.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Everything in slow motion

Since it's been sooooooo long since i've written anything, i think the last thing was Bread, and before that was Corn flakes, which is really strange, because i cant remember the last time i ate corn flakes either? See what i mean ?

This site seems to sum up the country my arse space currently occupies, so check it out.

I've been told i look like Tommy Tiernan

I like Des Bishop, he spent a bit of time in Cork, and it didn't do him any harm

Thats it, for now, now i've broken the writers block all i need is time, how do i make more time? And less slow motion?
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