Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Buenos Aires is the New York of South America

In front of El Che's house with 2 couchsurfer's from San Francisco

Ali my friend in New York, sent me a link to this country and western song, telling me she used to sing it 5 times a day at college, not sure what college she went to, clown college i was hoping.

Check it out: friends

I was expecting the lyrics to be differnt like...

Blame it all on the wife...
The trouble and strife, as i took another snort of cocaine...

It is a strange world after all, dont let anyone tell you differnt.

Ali spent a year in Buenos Aires, and i now know why, BA is a South American version of New York, Paris Hiltons everywhere, without the hotel empire.

Things i noticed in BA, it's very like NY, but as Couch Surfer Pedro's grandmother pointed out, BA is much more beautiful than NY, and she said it a few times, just so i'd remember and i remember (only just because i wrote it down)

They deliver pizza on roller blades, the streets look like lover Manhattan, some, and there's always something going on.

Now in Ali's defence, she put me on to Dirt Nasty
Dirt Nasty's an aminal lover

If you like NY, you'll love BA, the only law followed is the law of gravity, do what you want, except dont go selling coins, there's a law against that.

Coins are scarse in BA, if you have them keep them, the bus drivers were selling them, it made me laugh.

They love dogs, just like manhattan, not many kids, just dogs, the subway, the houses.

ALi was telling me she loved BA, her sister is there, i heard about BA in NY, no small wonder Ali loves NY and New Yorkers love BA, maybe Sex and the city could do a South American version?


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