Saturday, 11 October 2008

Couch surfing in Brooklyn New York and stuff

Met a guy yesterday who told me about this floating bar, so if your reading this and your free, go on down.

My Horoscope in the Examiner when i left Cork read

Because of lifes experiences, you have been stripped of all pretensions, leading to a re-evaluation of your life + a change in your
consciousness. Enjoy the transformation. You are quite the butterfly. Others may be slow to adapt but give them time.

So with that in mind, i want to get a butterfly added to my tattoo i am getting today from Liz in St Marks.

The way i see it, people cant accuse me of being white if my arm is all different color's.

Every time i see Liz, i go from being a guy with a head of hair with beard to a shaven head and face type, i think i was a sheep in my previous life, a change is as good as a holiday.

Now i want to tell you about passport control in JFK, the guy that was looking at my passport never said a word to me, not a hello, goodbye, kiss me ass and in i walked to the land of the free, no welcomes there.

I once knew a guy that had a bet with his friends that he could serve people all day without saying a word in a busy Dublin CD store (back when people bought them), he won the bet, and i was wondering/hoping the guy in Immigration was doing the same thing?

There was only about 15 on the flight to Dublin and even though i was looking at the gate i was the last to get on the flight and in Dublin i was Paranoid about missing the flight, which i thought was leaving at 5.30, so i went to the gate at 4.45, it was actually leaving at 5.

I read once 'People that are paranoid are usually right', from now on i will ultra paranoid with anything to do with planes taking off, not so much with them landing, although planes landing is important too, it was a good job i was paranoid or else i'd be still in Glanmire flicking through channels during ad breaks of CSI and not on the A train, yep i was on the A train when i wrote that.

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