Wednesday, 15 October 2008

From Addictive Ink to Tattoo Ink

My new arm

So i got the latest addition to my arm, nearly 6 hours later, iwas all wrapped up and out the door, in a daze of pain. We started at 4ish and i came out around 10ish. The outline took 2hours. The next day i remembered i forgot to tip Liz, so i got a card and put money in it and dropped it off.

I read the next day, people that give thankyou notes benifit more emotionally from giving them than the people that recieve them, and the sender feels good about themselves for about a month, i have 26days feel good credit left, i hope i dont blow it :)

I read last week 'It's not what happens to us that hurts us, it's our reaction that hurts us' and when you think about it, that makes a lot of sense, a lot of really emotional people react rather than respond, somepeople can travel the world and have a great time, some people will go down the road for a bottle of milk and have a terrible experience.

Brooklyn, Bedford Avenue

Couch surfer Sergio has a sign in his bathroom that says 'Why do people find Graffitti so offencive and at the same time the same people dont mind advertising shoved in their faces?' True, quite true

After getting the 'Body modification' (only criminals get tattoos) i met Ali in Queens at a party, well the real party was on the Stoop, so we had beers on the stoop, after the party we went to some guys house, he had the biggest flar screen i have seen in anybodys house and sbout 25 differnt types of good whiskey, on the way we passed some notorious bar that doubled as a brothel that you could recieve manual relief at the bar, how convenient!

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