Friday, 31 October 2008

Home town of El Che, Rosario

Hello folks, reporting here for Rosario, as the title says El Che was from here, staying with some cool Couch Surfers.

It's a 2 bedroom apartment, about 9 people crash here at any time, there is always room, the baby Jesus would not have been turned away from this place.

One of Argentina's most famous moments

Woke up on my first day here with cats jumping on me and around me, the less said here the better, my tolerance for cats must be increasing, but i still prefer dogs, and dinosaurs, and baby rinos, and stuff. You know what i mean?

Went for a stroll around town, very european.

Called into El Che's house, well from the outside, it looked just like the outside of the house in the movie 'The motorcycle diarys'

Went out last night with the crew, to a place called 'Berlin', but the boys call it 'Church', because they go religiously.

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