Wednesday, 15 October 2008

In da hood in Brooklyn NY

Prospect park

So it turns out my friend Ali in the Bronx likes Rap, i couldn't believe my ears when she told me, then we watched the next video.

Dirt Nasty 1980

Met couchsurfer Jessica at her local, thats not her local, but now that she's been there, she might go again and she's only been living across the road for 3 years.

Couchsurfer Sarah and 2 random guys from Galway i met

I met the boys from Galway because i got poured a really crap Murphys in a bar in Manhattan, onece i saw it i said, no thanks and was about to leave when one of the boys said, i dont blame you, i wouldnt drink that myself, so then i ordered an Ale and we continued for hours, good night in the end, all because a pint of Murphys that looked like a pint of Coke !!

Back to couchsurfer Jessica in Brooklyn........
Anyways the presidental debate was on and everybody was engrossed in watching McCain make an eejit of himself, only in America.

So i had a beer, after a few minutes the guy next to me says 'Ho i thought that was my beer, i had a sip, no problem i says, he lets me use his phone, he leaves, the bar girl pours the beer down the drain and says later 'I thought it was his beer', i had to laugh!


So i'm looking at the grey squirells in the park and i asked the girl next to me 'Where do all the squirells go in the winter time?', it gets really cold.

She said 'The equaitor', i nearly collapsed thinking about a bunch of squirells flying down to Ecuador flicking through the inflight magazine and annoying the stewardess for more nuts. Like something out of Gremlins, but with squirells :)

Another Ali favourite
Mickey Avalon, So Rich So Pretty

I saw a tattoo in NY, it said 'Sworn to fun, loyal to none', i was wondering how long that attitude would last, one day they would have to pick kids up from school and their world would come crashing down.That is what living in the moment will do to you

A big bird on a big house

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