Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Last days in NY part 2

No pictures, read the words

So after ringing around to all the hostels, i enede up ringing Couchsurfer Jessica, and i reserved the couch (one of) for another night, no one hung up on me, and i saved $32, but i probably spent way more on the taxi home and all the cocktails.

Before i left Ali, her mother and grandmother bought up breakfast, i had a big Irish. How could you go wrong, the part of the Bronx they live in is very Irish, outside the back door you can see a big Irish flag, you dont see that ever in Ireland, but this is America and people need remindin'.

I met some Irish guys in NY, they gave me a whole list of numbers for Fort Lauderdale. I was there to watch the Red Sox, but they were geting beaten, doesn't look like a world (American) title for them this year, i got the lowdown on Miami, i could have read it in a book, but wheres the fun in that?

A guy from Dublin i met was telling me a Barney Rock quote 'When we have sold enough of our own country we will become strangers in it', how true.

I was this quote 'Bacteria may well be the only type of culture some people have'

I was reading 'Home before night' by Hugh Leonard, he tells the story about how his dog hated priests and nuns, his dad said he hated black, but he was very placid with the Prodestent priest, his mother was scandalised

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