Thursday, 30 October 2008

Modern technology, what will they think of next?

So i updated my Facebook status to say that i was in Buenos Aires, because that's what your supposed to do, that's what i did.

So anyway the 2 Aussies i met in Taquila were in town and eventually got in touch with me on couch surfer Pedro's line, they were suposed to leave that day, but they got mugged, so over a few beers the story came out.

They said i terrorised them that day while proceeding to try every type of Taquila in the tour

Couch surfer Pedro Buenos Aires

It appaears when i met them i said, 'Now girls, 2 things will happen to you in South America..
1, You will stubb your toe
2, You will get mugged

I dont remember dispensing this wise knowledge, but there you go.

On the way to the bus station, one of the girls stubbed their toe and they said 'Well at least we have't been mugged'

They went to buy bus tickets at 1pm, and went out the side entrance, where 5 guys and 1 girl mugged them.

Actually it was 1 really fat guy had one of them in a head lock and was saying something in their ear but since they dont speak spanish, they have no idea what he was on about.

So anyway the really fat guy was too fat to run away, so he just waddled away.

It would have been almost comical to have seen it

One of the girls dropped her glasses and one of the kids went to grab them and she screamed 'NO!', and he seemed to get a bit of a fright and ran off.

So they went to report it to the cops, the cops asked them if they wanted to look through 2000 photos, but the people that robbed them all looked the same.

Argentenian street kids 1, Australia 0

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