Monday, 27 October 2008

Buenos Dias Buenos Aires

They dont make them like this anymore, really, they dont!

Stayed at the Millhouse, great place to meet Irish and English and Irish and.....
The bar closes at 5.30am, because of all the drunken Irish singing it closed at 2am one night.

I met an English guy on the Cemetery tour and we went to the Chivas V Rivers, Chivas won 2-1.

The Rivers fans are known as the Millionaires and the Chickens, Boca fans throw feathers + Chicken feed at them (if they are lucky, they throw other stuff too, yuck!)

Anyway the Hostel charged 160 pesos to go to the game, we went ourselves, got in, had lots of Tapas and nearly 2 bottles of wine, got back, had 3 big beers and we still saved money going by ourselves.

Met a Taxi driver coming back to Couch Surfer Pedros and he was a Rivers fan, and he was cursing them and they got beaten by Boca 2 - 0, Maradonna was all coked up and drunk, his daughter was trying to pull him back, to stop him falling, big game!! And Maradonna used to play for Boca.

I was thinking about Diana and then i was thinking about this Coldplay song

After the game and we were walking back, Chris was laughing out loud, with Rivers fans not too happy, i thought it best we go for dinner in restaurant we were passing, EXCELLENTE !!! Tapas and wine.

The Oblisk was built to celebrate Argentina's centenary celebration

One of the reasons i'm in Argentina is for the steak dinners, so lets start there, shall we?

I was never much of a meat connoisseur, i've had a few, it was good, that is that, but i will tell you, since i haven't been drinking Guinness, the bear belly, like every market in the world has taken a right clobbering, pretty soon, i will have to send out a search party.
Someone gave my beer belly (along with some other ones a name in Sydney one night, in Sydney, in the Court House i believe), it was a good laugh, so much for beer bellies?

I met up with Couch Surfer Pablo and went to dinner with his Grand Mother, what a laugh, she had a map of Ireland in her house, soon i was pointing out Cork, her people were from Galway, 500,000 people in Argentina claim Irish heritage, we are very popular. Not many Irish have maps of Ireland in their houses, go to Argentina.

Went to Evita's grave and saw Admiral Brown, a guy from Mayo, whos the greatest hero of Argentina.

Admiral Browns grave

Went to the Races with Couch Surfer Abbey from Austin, Texas

She was telling me how forward the Argentinian guys were, they come up and talk and wont go away.

She has tried 'I've got a boyfriend', them 'He's not here now'
'I'm married', them 'He's not here now'
'I'm pregnant', them 'Thats ok'

Old Army car

So, on the first day it was bucketing down, so much i was telling myself, why did come in winter, since then it's been 30 odd degrees, i had just come from Miami, 33 degrees, but that afternoon it was like the summer we didn't get in Ireland, and since then too, maybe Diana and meself should have went to Argentina for summer?

Couchsurfer Pedro

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