Monday, 27 October 2008

The only law obeyed is the Law of gravity

Another day another dollar, the man said.

Couch Surfer Pedro, in Buenos Aires

So, i've been couchsurfing.

The first night in Buenos Aires, i meet up with at least 6 couchsurfers and we end up in a Drum and Bass club, and i thought i didn't even like that music, or maybe i really like that DJ, 5 hours later, i'm still dancing, no stimulants, it was a great night, only 1 day into the proceedings.

Did someone call for help?

I had photos, but since i dont have them, i will try and cast my mind back to something good, i went to Love Hate tattoo parlour in Miami.

I met Chris from Miami Ink, a few night later, i met the guy Chris did his apprentice with, and i me his porn star girlfriend, her friend that must have still been shooting the odd scene.

Met couch surfer Lannie, that bought me lunch and drove me to the Miami airport from Fort Lauderdale, very handy!!!!

Saw some amazing boats and houses.

One of the local girls had a 'Sweet 16' party, her father said she could have anything, she wanted a pool of Koi fish, dad spends 15k, next day he come out and the Pelicans are flapping around, stuffed with fish!

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