Thursday, 6 November 2008

All the going's on on this side of the hemisphire

Balcony action

Halloween dance party

So now i'm on my luck 3rd notebook.

Coming back from the beach, American Jeff stepped off the road and took a picture of a hot chick on a mope head carrying some guy on the back, i was expecting some shouting, or nasty looks, in the photo, the guy on the back seemed to think it was funny too, funny.

The crew i went to the beach ordered a last beer and i fell asleep in the sun, i woke up 40 min later, the waitress had forgotten the beer and was just bringing it, so i was thinking, do i have another highly evolved , maybe a 'Beer sense'?
Am i highly evolved? If so what is the next step on the evolution ladder?

Change is a big thing here, and it's not something you can believe in, especially if it is forged! A 100 peso note is useless

here ($30), no one will give you change, you might as well swap it for 10 pesos, as John McCain, Republican hopeful would say

'That's not change we can believe in'.

Too right John.

DJ Margaritaville i have been informed has now been deleted from an mp3 player in Canada, i have put it on a competer in Argentina, and i am currently listening to it in 30 degree heat, maybe it's just not a Canadian thing?

Home tattoos

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