Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Lazy daze are here

Daze of unholy living and half dying, sounds familiar? It could be all the past if things go the way i hope they might go. I think and i've thunk, thunk a lot, thanks a lot.

But what else would a normal guy do, self confessed one whole half bisexual do, with time on my side?

The next page of my notes starts

Lazy daze in Rozario...
, see what i mean?

The Americans, Jeff and Mark as lazy as myself, with no urgency in moving and no plans to either.

Meself and Palmer

This is supposed to be traveling, and one of us wants to.

Dians is coming down on Wednesday, not this Wednesday, next one. It could have been strange waiting and waiting.

But everything is going to be ok, if not someones face will be smashed into jelly and i'm thinking it wont be a vegetarian option, all you can eat?

Looking forward to going back to BA and to see the Japanese gardens, took lots of pics before of the Coi fish, then lost it.

Diana now will be on the job, she's better anyway, Diana gets another point there, she's got more points than Kerry got in the Football final!!

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