Tuesday, 4 November 2008


At the beach


When you have people with stronger personalities, they will always have an influence over you.

Camping was canceled due to rain on the island, when we hard about the rain, it started raining heard.

When it started raining, i went inside, logical, everybody else went outside and watched the rain like it was the world cup, when the sun started coming out, they all went back inside and i went outside, it was such a novelty for them, just like Ireland.

In the old country Winter has moved to Summer, we just need to swap the seasons and months around, this is my solution to global warming, you could have a month that actually means, it will rain for 50 days out of 60 and there will be a river coming in your front door and everything under 5 feet will have water damage, , good eh?

Went to the supermarket to get some food, so off i went, i got Quiche and went to pay, then i saw it was over 8 pesos, so i put it in one of the open fridges, couldn't find any sandwiches, so i settled on the drink and queued up, then i realized my notebook was missing.


So i go around asking people while retracing my steps, since some people are used to hearing some Spanish words in their own accent (this is true for all over the world, just take a trip to Cork and asking directions) i was getting nowhere, i have a new respect for people that struggle to make themselves understood in English or any other language, it's not the only language, and it's English from England not American, Americans should have to learn a native American language in schools, but that's another story.....

Words of wisdom in the Apartment

I ended up going back to the apartment and telling people that i should not go out without holding someones hand, preferably an adult, Diane will be here next week, maybe she will hold my hand, it's for my own good!

BBQ or as the locals say Asado

One of my 'Pet hates' is losing stuff, good job my head is stuck on with some of the best superglue money can buy....i hope?

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