Sunday, 28 December 2008

2 years on the outside, always looking in and things is good

A man on horseback performs during the opening of the Sahara International Festival in Tunisia

About 2 years ago, I left Oz, and all is well, well, as well as could be expected anyways, and expect the unexpected and I have and it was good.

Couchsurfer Donnucha was telling me about Poker, and i found this interesting little bit, or it found that is

I remember reading, ultimate power for a Buddhist is knowing how they will respond to any situation i.e. If someone were to attack them on a street with a stick, knowing they would not fight back is their power and they would not feel hatred towards their attacker.

So with this new kind of power, who needs nuclear weapons?

Met a guy from Texas who was all for nuking countries.

Who needs nukes when you can throw your shoe at someone like Bush and get hailed as a hero!!!

The hero of the day

The Saudi family want the shoe thrown at Bush, and will pay 3 million for it.

The shoe was called model 226 now it is going to be reissued as something like a ´Bush kicker and the demand is huge, the guy who threw the shoe is the new world hero, he also got detained and beaten, an Iraq judge has vowed to find the culprits, should not be too hard to find to identify the bully.

I saw a Bush shoe T-shirt yesterday, I will wait for a good quality shirt. The quality was a bit like Bushes foreign policy, which might have been a tribute, but i´d doubt anyone would get that joke.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Ever been to hell buddy?

All photos are of baby Sneachta

Currently reading ´The grapes of wrath´, it´s much better than Nelson would describe it on the Simpson's, these are the grapes, this is the wrath... And smashes the grapes.

I´m also reading ´Should have got off at Sydney Parade´ by Ireland's greatest writer without a real name, er, he actually does have a real name and it´s Paul Howard, the first ghost writer was a guy who wrote a daily column in the Irish times, that was a big influence on Joyce, but memory and google have failed me here.

He didn´t like Joyce too much, but he was the one who started off ´Blooms day´, If I do remember?

He would be sitting at a bar and hear a word and his column would be about that word, half the country was addicted to his column, the other half were out milking the cows or digging the spuds, that´s how it was in those days before Tescos home delivery service was in operation, people don´t spend their time doing such things anymore, no, they have flat screen tv´s and the like, to read the Irish times, online.

Reading the paper? Thats only for council workers digging a hole (they have not been replaced, how could you replace 8 guys digging a hole, with one guy actually doing all the work? It is the type of work that has passed the test of time and how many of us can say that, eh?

Take a good look at my skin (through your minds eye) I feel like I was in an oven, to the careful trained eye, you can see damage, to the untrained eye, I look like an over cooked chicken (it is very important to cook chickens really well).

I am still under house arrest, for my own good, too much of a good thing. It would have never happened in the Emerald Isle around Christmas, 34c here every day.

Not bad, except if you go out without ´Protection´ you look like you went to hell and your skin tells the story, because my largest organ is quite a story teller.

Heard a story once about a Italian guy in Dublin asking for protection in Dublin was surrounded by 8 security guards before they understood he really wanted condoms.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Status quo ante bellum

I was reading about the Treaty of Ghent and an interesting term came up and it was........

Status quo ante bellum
The term status quo ante bellum comes from Latin meaning literally, as things were before the war. The term was originally used in treaties to refer to the withdrawal of enemy troops and the restoration of prewar leadership. When used as such, it means that no side gains or loses territory or economic and political rights. This contrasts with uti possidetis, where each side retains whatever territory and other property it holds at the end of the war.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Let me take you to a place i like to call ´Home sweet home´


Got the run of the pad while couchsurfer Donnucha is off with his Cathedral girlfriend.
His camping friend is his Cathedral, all the other girls are his churches. It is a very religious country after all and he is like it´s pope (to me)

It´s the Dulux dog, with a haircut

We are on the 5th floor, it´s not a penthouse, i´m not a batchelor (whats a batchelor again, I did say we are not on the top floor, we are half way up or down, what ever way you are going)

We have tunes, movies, books (with and without pictures), beer, wine, sangria, calamari anyone (it gave me the shits, but you can have it), porn to get things started in the afternoon, the porn is the fantasy, what it leads up to, with someone charged with estrogen is reality, really.

But what is love? Could all the porn stars be in love momentarily while the penis the size of a donkeys is being inserted between their hips (not the one between their lips), talk about being force fed, it´s probably something to do with binge and purging, probably, but, easy come, easy go.

I always wanted my own Tyrannosaurus rex

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Santiago welcomed me with open arms.....and legs

Met a German on the bus to Santiago and if you have met as many Germans as i have over the year´s, well, what can i say, it`s always worth saying hello, even for just entertainment value.

Coldplay X&Y

The guy is a financial advisor and is on holiday until the financial crisis blows over, in about 4 years or so he thinks.

He started off by jumping on a container ship (with the aid of a travel agency) and arriving at Brazil, i have heard of this before, his ticket was something like $1600, but if that´s your thing, thats your thing.

He did make a few interesting points, it wasn´t all boring, it´s a sterotype i did not start or help maintain, ok?

There are 3 ways of making a million dollers

1, Sell drugs
2, Have a million $ idea like google or microsoft

ok, with me so far?

3, Find his dream woman, now his dream woman has to have
a, 150 millions dollars on the account
b, 80 years old
c, 42c degrees fever (this is the most important one)

Sounds like a plan, i should get on to it.

Met Diana in Santiago for the best Christmas ever celebrations. Maybe she might bet a bit more...loving.

Diana says
´It´s a Christmas miracle to have Kieran in my life. Thank you,little baby Jesus´

Note from autor: The baby Jesus was carried by a donkey. Got bless donkeys and all animal lovers.

Had an interesting taxi ride from the bus station, the taxi driver was a great guide, he did lots of talking, which was a bit suspicious, as the taxi meter was running, but it was rush hour and i was quite happy to listen to him rant on about all the buildings we passed and in South America, the conversation always goes to chica´s, and every country thinks they have the nicest, the taxi driver thinks Chile has the nicest chica´s in the world and he´s entitled to his opinion.

The Eiffel company did the train station here, it all looks pretty european.

The first night we watched the movie Capote, he´s talking to a woman on the phone and she says to him

Her: I am not going to talk to any strange woman any longer
Capote: Who says i´m strange?

Went to a titty bar, coffee with legs, and the girls look so dumb, it´s hard to believe they are still breathing.

Lua (Donnachas brother) and girlfriend, D and meself went in anyway. He was saying the chic he was talking to thought Ireland was in France. France

Donnucha was in one and a girl asked him where he was from, so
He says: Guess?
Her: America
He says: No it´s an english speaking country
Her: I dont know
He says: Guess, it´s an English speaking country like England
Her: England ?

She didn´t know any other countrys that spoke english outside America, which is probably why she was working in a titty bar.

So when you hear a redneck talk about how someone should speak American, they have a point,

Donnucha was telling me about Eamon McCann´s book ´War and the Irish town´, he says it´s a brilliant history of Derry and the civil rights movement

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Heading to Santiago to see my friend Diana

Checked out my horiscope before going to Santiago
Day-to-day life should seem much easier to handle for the most part today and you may find that things that doing things that benefit others will bring you a real sense of achievement. Be aware too that the Mars-Saturn influence from yesterday is still active and power struggles should be avoided! Later in the evening there may be problems and intense encounters - possibly with your partner that upset the balance of power, but playing power games should be avoided! AstroZone

Dianas horiscope

The morning brings a gentle and easy going influence that suggests this is a good morning to be with people you love or engage in group activities that create greater empathy between people. This is a good time for people who are in sales or other jobs where the art of persuasion is needed. Tonight there may be concern about people or events that are connected to loved ones or there may be a miscommunication or misunderstandings of some kind. AstroZone

Time will tell all, and everything is funny over time, so watch out father time, i´m ready for you and your stories, i hope they age better than the wine

and what was i saying............


Since i last left you, Diana and myself went on a bikes and wine tour, the tour went well and we had lots of great wine, Mendoz is known for it´s wine and a trip there is highly recomended.

D. mixed the grape and the grain (this is something Keith Richards nver does, it is his only rule) and that didn´t go down too good.

Diana ended up going to Santiago, i stayd in Mendoza in Hostel Una.

Met a guy called Joe from the US army who came to Mendoza because he wanted to get out of the US, a really nice guy, he´s only 20 and talks like he is at least 30.

He showed me some photos and videos of fire fights in Iraq

See for yourself

He also old me he killed for the first time at 17, not the kind of guy to be messed with, he´s been on 2 tours.

While he was away his ife cheated on him, twice, apparently all solders wives do this, there are no women in Iraq, so he couldn´t even if he wanted, and they all cheat with their best friends, so if you cant trust someone with your best friend, doesn´t seem like much point.

Went to Uspallata, where they filmed 7 years in Tibet, climbed to the first base camp of the highest peak in South America, Aconcagua , a 15 day treck in total.

When i got there after travelling 80km, i saw 2 hostels. I could have strangled the hostel owner in Uspallata for not telling me this!!!

But i suppose it´s ust business, and business is business, buyer beware!! Next time do the research boy!

Got so burnt from the walk and after missing the 5pm bus by 10 minutes, i waited until 8pm for the next one when i got back to Upsallata i checked my email to see what the word was from Santiago, then had to walk back 5 kms on a dark road with big trucks flying by. What an ordeal!!

Diana and myself are now going to re adjust our epectations of each other and be friends, a new start, sort of.

Anyways i would like to see Vancouver with long as we are good friends, life is too short for anything else.

Got up early to go to Santiago after one of the longest days ever for am early bus, but as it turns out, i could have stayed in bed another while and go the bus at 12. Sleep is for old people anyways, the things you do for love :)

I read how some guy copyrighted the :), so i should pay him, but i wont :)

As long as no ones hurt it should all work out ok, and the song in the background says ´We got a groovey kind of love´.

I have to laugh :)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Cheap great wine and good living (but not too much please!)

Saw an ad for Ice cream recently, funny how you never see some fat people eating ice cream.

I just hope she´s thinking about the ice cream flavour and not some other flavour like chocolate or mint chip

You´ve never seen it, until now

Had a great 8 peso wine from a restaurant, can this be real?
Then went back for more and more, it was real!!
It is and the wine was called ´Fredico de Alvear - Borgona´

Pretty Boy Bam Bam

Emily Bear - The Love In Us, Orchestral Debut

Diana was telling me about ´Jesus camp´, and i think, i´m pretty normal after all

Now for more crazy people, you´ve heard of ´Snakes on a plane´, now they have ´Snakes in a church´

Got the left nipple pierced, i am not too old.....anymore

Got the nipple pierced by a guy from Hong Kong in Carlos Paz, Diana wasn´t too sure if he did it correctly, apparently the ring should just flop down, just like my cock.
Instead the ring sticks out and up, just like my cock....sometimes.

The flop down effect is what we are desiring....for the ring, too much of a good thing is bad, isn´t life strange after all?

Diana writes in my book

Waiting for the bus in Carlos Paz to go to San Juan. I pushed Diana´s buttons (not the good ones) once too often and she blew up on me (not the good kind either). But i held my ground (LIKE A MAN!) So now she´s witholding bus blowjobs. She´s just scared.

Like a little puddy cat :)

Hmm.. buttons eh? I´m more of a fan of LCD´s + remote controls myself, buttons are so old fashioned, no one uses them anymore. Sometimes you have to move with the times

Diana (on the whiskey) doing an impression of the Queen (on the gin)

I saw this girl on a show called Ellen

Jemesons brewery (back side)

Meat is meat and a man must eat

Diana and Sneachta

Got my meat fixation, Diana said if i got any meat juice on her, we were finished, we are still together, so i´m assuming no meat juice landed on any vegeterian, good thing or bad thing?

Time will tell...i wrote some lyrics from the esteemed scholar Eminem in my notebook.

What does Eminem say about time?

´Time is a motherfucker, it can be great, it can be late´

Bought Diana a watch, no excuses for her being late.

[Diana writes] Yeah? Watch my period be late, motherfucker!

Except...... i was wrong about what Eminem said, he said

I guess words are a motherfucker, they can be great
Or they can be great, or even worse, they can teach hate
Its like kids hang on every single statement we make

He said nothing about time, i´m just a bit slow......

Jemesons brewery tour photos

The neighbours the other night in Carlos Paz were having an asado (BBQ to most) and i was nearly driven half mad for some meat, i felt like is was going to turn into the Incredible hulk and burst through the wall, now i can find it funny, but it wasn´t too humourous at the time!!

Diana says...........

Diana says ´Kieran, you dont say anything, you just quote other people. I dont really know what you think, you just give me stats and figures and quote somebody and avoid the question.´

Now what was the question?

Do you know that the average life expectancy ( in seconds ) of an enemy soldier in a Chuck Norris film: 4

Age most people stop believing in Santa Claus: 8

Age most people stop believing in politicians: 7

More Stats that wont make a bit of difference to you life

But what do i know, it´s all relative, isint it? (Nothing to do with your cousin either)

Jemesons brewery tour, they saved the best for last

Wanna know more interesting stuff?

As some farmer from the country might say in Ireland ´...and that´s all i know anyway´, absolutly feck all you say.

You could have just done a google search......but you didn´t

80% of people know that

Whiskey tasting guide, i passed with flying colours!!!

The joys of straming music

It has occurred to again today that i should not be listening to music on the net again, but i am, and i like it, so what should i do?

But i´m supposed to be traveling, so, should i not be off seeing something instead of listening to electronic music?

I need to get the music in somewhere and since i dont get it at night, things will have to be like this.

Now, i was thinking about a book called Dazingers travels which i one day want to read and i´ll give you a taste

This account describes the author's adventures during an 18-month journey "beyond forbidden frontiers" in Asia. With minimal equipment and disguised as an itinerant Muslim, he hitch-hiked and walked through southern Turkey, and the Iran of the Ayatollahs, entering Afghanistan illegally in the wake of a convoy of Chinese weapons and then spent months dodging Russian helicopter gunships with the rebel guerillas. He was the first foreigner to cross from Pakistan into the closed western province of China since the revolution on 1949.

Listening to straming music? I must be mad! Or am i just part of a new generation? Normal maybe? Or is that going too far?

Monday, 8 December 2008

Blah blah blah and another thing.............

Saw this band name on one of the guys from Miami Ink, and thought what a good name for a band.

After many days by a pool and a Duche de leche habbit, not exceeding 1 bottle per day, we moved on to Mendoza, the only thing i know about Mendoza is from watching some movie years ago and a guy screaming ´Mendoza!!´, i think out a window. He was very mad too, funny how you can always tell :)

But back to Dulche de leche, on the rocks, with milk, thanks. It´s a bit like Baileys, and for 10 pesos, about $3, for a whole bottle, not bad.

But what about the calories ? Wont someone think of the calories, or all the brain cells, hmmm, yeah, one day, one day.

Saw the log from the boys from Cali, and now i´m thinking about going to Machu Picchu, they are as sick as dogs as their porters didn´t wash their hands before preparing their food.

Well maye someone didn´t tell the porters to wash their hands, i´m thinking Mark and Jeff spent too much time at home and just assumed everyone washes their hands before prepareing rice and chicken, just like mammy.

No, it´s just another one of ´Life´s little lessons´, you woud have learnt that one years ago in my famiy, if i ever get sick, it´s because i´m going to die, i am immune from food poisoning, at least i think, so far so good.

Horacio from CSI Miami mentioned he was named after Horacio Alger who wrote Jacks Ward, it appears he wrote rags to ritches stories, inspiring stuff to name your kid on arriving to the promised land

Saturday, 6 December 2008

As Coldplay would say ´When you take a picture of something you see´

Arrived in Carlos Paz, wit a new tent, no signs of brats from Denmark as yet, went looking for the camp ground.

Diana was getting hot and bothered in the 30c heat. She just wanted to go swimming in a cool mountain lake, but there was none of that here. We sat down amongst all the broken bottles by the dirty river and i said ´Look, there´s a pool over there´, so off we went, we couldn´t camp there, no toilets apparently, lots of bushes and trees though.

Since the economic collapse, everything is for sale, even the signs in the street

The first couple of days it rained SOOO hard, i did not want to chance camping, plus we have a kitchen, fan, if we get sick of sleeping downstairs, we can move upstairs, almost like moving up in the world, if only by 10 feet. Didn´t need the cold November rain, the whole town was dry as a bone when we got here, not anymore, saw a dead dog in the river too, a lot of rain i told yea!

Who wants to say grace?

So after 3 days in Carlos Paz, we (me myself and I) and a Canadian (awful sentence i´m told, no grammer says the Canadian), but as my Geography teacher in Mayfield would say ├Łou cant say ´No´, it has some, so to correct the Canadian in the words of a Geography teacher
´Awful sentence, a lack of grammer´, sure, sure, well we re negotiated the price of the room, 7 nights for 5, not too shabby.

So far we have paid for 10 nights, lounging by the pool and watching cable TV. It is very nice.

Carlos Paz, it appears is Argentinas answer to Las Vegas, i´ve been and i´ve been watching a lot of CSI Las Vegas, i dont think so. I dont think there would be much of a demand to watch CSI Carlos Paz.

Vegas is Americas fasted growing city, seems to me like the kind of place you dont want to live in if they have a big need for forensic detectives, unless your a lab technician going into crime scenes documenting sperm samples in houses (while trying to mantain your balance!)

These trees are everywhere in Rosario and BA

Life after Buenos Aires

Koi fish

After BA, Diana and meself went back to Rosario, i´ve covered it already, but i´ll just touch up on the bits i missed.

Spent a night in the Penthouse, other wise known as ´Shankys place´, the only couch surfing we did in Rosario.

Evitas grave

An Old couple had a cute dog that could do ´Things´ when he was told, my mothers dogs go apeshite when they think i am going for a walk, especially without them, otherwise they act stupid the rest of the time, and it works too

Diana didn´t want to be going out too much, but somehow slipped into a party girl character and we went out to a bar called ´Berlin´, everyone else called it ´Church´, because they went there religiously every Thursday.

So we eneded up buying beers for everyone, again and again and it was fun.

Not just fun, a serious commited fun, i´m too old for just fun, it has to be a meaningful fun, or so i´m told, i just like fun, is that ok by you? And of course the homies had some too, everybody wins!

Whass up mah nizzles!

Cool Samuari statue from the Japanese gardens in Buenos Aires

If you didn´t already find me hard enough to understand, Diana introduced me to a a new way of talking, so why dont you just give up trying to understand me? Ok?

Snoop doog talk
Whass up mah nizzles! Its tizzle foshizzle for da mizzle to introdizzle hizzizzle on this fizzle dizzle!*

*Translation: Hello my friends! Its time, for sure, for the meths to introduce himself on this fine day!

You need to check this out, Snoop Dogg (What's My Name Pt. 2)

We met up with couchsurfers in Cordobra, stayed for 2 days, i watched 8 epesodes of Dr House, when i was supposed to be asleep, how was i ever supposed to get up and go to school in the morning?

So, here´s his audition

Now some of his old stuff, Classic!!

Jeeves and Wooster - First Meeting

Memories of Buenos Aires and the Boca game

Didn´t quite finish on my rant about the Boca game the last time, one of the last postings.

Went with D, the Aussie and the ´Dirty French´ speaking Canadian (speaking English, to me anyway)

We went through one of the longest street markets i have ever seen in Santelmo, saw some tango on the way back.

I got breathalised before the game (i wasn´t even playing) i blew .86, and was told go for walk, the guy also told me i should ´Go pissing´ and demonstrated how i would go about it.
Maybe someone should breathalise the breathalisers before they start work?

I was supposed to meet up with a couchsurfer, instead we drank beers with Aussie Kelly + Canadian + slept on their floor, met them after the movie ´Semi Pro` with Will Farell, good movie.

They were sitting in front of us, i think i opened up the ´Dialogue´ by saying ´So what did you think of the movie?´, and after many beers and some pizza, we were sleeping on their floor like puppy dogs (happy ones)

Paparazzi snapping me everywhere in Buenos Aires

I was listening to this Metallica song while Diana got her Irish tattoo yesterday, but thats another story.

Metallica: The Day That Never Comes from Death Magnetic

Doze were da daze

Started off by reading the news, and i couldn´t believe what was in the news, more war? Nope that´s always in the knews thats news, no, Joe Satriani is sueing Coldplay

Apparently Satrini´s song

If I Could Fly

Sounds like

Viva la Vida

Since Satriani´s song is an instrumental and money for song rights usually go to the song lyrics, Coldplays song being about the lyrics, it´s hard to imagine the case he could make, i think he has lost it, and my respect with it, Satriani´s song is the same old boring thing he has always put out anyway.

Then i started thinking about Marty Friedman, my favourite guitarist when i was 16, happy daze

Thunder march

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

To Venus and back and Tori Amos

I used to listen to this album ´To Venus and back´ every day, for about 4 months at work, then Play from Moby, such joy, or bliss, which brings me to....


Hello me meet the real me, i was passing a school on Buenos Aires, and do you know what it was called? Ciarano from St Ciaran, so now in South America i will be known as Ciarano, long live Ciarano, he is or something?

When i was back in Buenos Aires collecting Diana, we went to see the Koi fish me for the second time, in the Japaneese garden, taking lots of photos for a second time and this time they made it to the net, not any kind of fishermans net, a net of tubes as some American politican tried explaining it, does that then explain I hope so, i really do, that would explain everything wouldn´t it? Lovely, the jigsaw is all coming together nicely.

Tori Amos - 1000 Oceans

Stayed another 2 nights to meet up with Diana´s friend from Canada, after checking in for work after flying down, he was told to go home, but before he did, he bought us dinner, yummie, Argentenian meat, that´s why i´m here after all!

We went to see Boca play with Kelly from Geelong and her Quebec (dirty French speaking) boyfriend.

We were a bit squashed, so at half time we went out and went back in another door to get up heigher, no joy, so we went outside to sit down.

Big mistake, some guy opposite was winding the Boca guys up, they were losing, a cop told us to not sit there, so we moved to the opposite side of the street, big mistake, the float and plastic interior of a toilet came down near us and would have hit D if it wasn´t for the telephone wire over her, then we got the message, no language barrier, then bits of porcelane came reigning down, a cop decided to move his car too.
In laymans terms the Boca fans made shite of the toilet.

I couldn´t believe it, when more ceramic bits came down, what other choice did i have?
It´s probably no mistake the away fans are put in below the Boca fans and anything could come reigning down on you, not from god, so dont go blaming him, although he did make Boca fans in his image, what does that tell you?

Someone was telling me, Boca fans dont care if they win because they have won so much, i would beg to differ, after all the word ´Fan´ comes from the word ´Fanatic´.

After the game Kelly saw some guy being chased by a mob, this is a good way to pratice your running and ge very good or die.

To all my Bear area pimps, no hoe´s !

A coupla tunes for my Bear Area pimps, you know who you are, you wrote these tunes down in my notebook, to help me ramp up my ghetto guilty image.

Warren G - Regulator

Kanye West and Lauryn Hill - All Falls Down (Original)

Apparently, this is Dope, thats rap talk, get it....cracker? (thats rap talk too!)

Common - I Used To Love H.E.R.

Last one for the hood rats

The Dove Shack - Summertime in the LBC

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Venus the perfect cycle, Australia, Olympics, Galileo and the Clock


Back to Venus, found the reference for what i already knew, you want the reference, not what i know

Venus and Australia
Captain Cook is arguably the most famous explorer of Australia. He was born in Marton, England and spent several years working for a shipbuilding firm before enlisting in the navy in 1755.

Between 1756 and 1767 Cook set about charting the North Atlantic coastal waters off Newfoundland and Nova Scotia and the Saint Lawrence River.

His first great voyage, to the South Pacific, began in 1768 whilst in command of the Endeavour. Tahiti was his destination and the purpose, to transport British astronomers to the island in order to observe the movement of the planet Venus across the sun in June 1769.

Next he proceeded to New Zealand, where he took formal possession of areas from both the main islands and accurately charted 3860 km of coastline for the first time. During 1770 he discovered the east coast of Australia, which he charted and claimed for Great Britain under the name of New South Wales.

And something else, the cycle of Venus was thought to be a cycle of perfection, 8 years in total, the Olympic games is every 4 years, half of Venus

"The space of time between the first appearance of the planet Venus and its reappearance at the same place is exactly 1,460 days, i.e. four solar years, which was the calendar used in antiquity by the Greeks to measure the Olympiades (and also is the time interval between the modern Olympic Games).

Galileo´s bit
Among many other astonishing Venus facts is the fact that the planet appears to change in size and exhibits phases, similar to that of the moon. Galileo in 1610 was the first to observe this phenomenon. This discovery, along with the discovery of Jupiter’s moon created a dramatic havoc by changing the view of an earth-centered system into a new sun-centered system. Hence, the world hence became flexible and was no longer ruled by the gods.

And Clock
The church commisioned the invention of the clock, the clock helped Galileo think of the world as mechanical, which led to him to think that the world was not flat and was willing to be burnt at the stake to prove it

Is that the time?

Gotta go, interesting enough, before the clock in Ireland there was only high tide and low tide, people could not understand the concept of time, because there was always time, tomorrow and next week, the concept of not having any time to do something was was as Alien as waking up with a nice design in your 10 acre corn field.

The end

Aint no fun if the homies cant get none

Is it a cat in the tree or a rare alignment of Venus, Jupiter and the moon?

VENUS EMERGED from behind the Moon yesterday evening as a brilliant dot. You won't see the like again until 2095, at least not in the evening. It was about 1708 when Venus was last occluded by the Moon in the evening.

Venus and Jupiter staring down and the crescent moon, taken in Adelaide

Interesting useless fact
During the fifteenth century, Venice ordained that local Italian prostitutes should bare their breasts while soliciting at open windows overlooking the city’s famous canals and walkways.
The ruling was intended to separate the city’s "professional" women from the general citizens, and also to encourage young men to purchase the prostitutes’ wares and avoid the unspeakable sins of masturbation and homosexuality.

Quote of the day
A man's mind is wont to tell him more than seven watchmen sitting in a tower.
Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

Couple of pimps, no hoes !

Had a look at a site for the 2 guys i shared a floor with in Rosario, couchsurfing, no couch, just the floor, but when we had to sleep, gravity helped us find the way, much better really, anyway you can check these ´Couple of pimps, no hoes´

Mark had his real birthday in Rosario while i was off in Buenos Aires collecting Diana from the airport, i celebrated my everyday birthday with Mark + Jeff for 2 weeks, and it was good.

As Mark wrote in the words of the scholer DR Dre ´Just chill....until the next epesode´

Was watching Dr Phil last night, lots of quotes that were quoteable floating about, and they are still knocking about in my head one was

´If you choose the action, you choose the consequesnce´
And i was thinking, maybe there´s websites devoted to that kind of stuff, and there is

I found another quote, ´Some times you make the right decision, sometimes the decision is right´, oh how true, Dr Phil could be my next Guru, next to Osho

OSHO - Strange Consequences

Osho´s 10 Commandments

Never obey anyone's command unless it is coming from within you also.
There is no God other than life itself.
Truth is within you, do not search for it elsewhere.
Love is prayer.
To become a nothingness is the door to truth. Nothingness itself is the means, the goal and attainment.
Life is now and here.
Live wakefully.
Do not swim – float.
Die each moment so that you can be new each moment.
Do not search. That which is, is. Stop and see.

Notorious BIG 10 commandments

I had a problem, then a solution presented it self

So, i haven´t been doing much writing recently, except to my family to get them to send on a photo of Sneachta (our Chihuahua, pedagree), it is still going on. I would build a house quicker, it is turning out to be a bit like hostage negeotion, it is still going on, maybe Santa Clause will give me a photo of him, so i´d probably write to him too.

The problem i was having was (except being related to any O´Callaghans), i spent about 3 weeks in Rosario and i didn´t really do much except for sitting on a balcony and listen to music and drink beer, so how would i sum it all up he asks, a mix tape my brain said.

So apart from looking thorough the archives in I had a habbit of putting on house music all the time, otheres didn´t quite agree in my choice of music, but that is me.

Other than house and electro, this is the music that summed up those 3 weeks (minus the death metal that was played by the Death metalers of course, of which songs i have no idea)

The solution
Rosario tunes
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