Sunday, 28 December 2008

2 years on the outside, always looking in and things is good

A man on horseback performs during the opening of the Sahara International Festival in Tunisia

About 2 years ago, I left Oz, and all is well, well, as well as could be expected anyways, and expect the unexpected and I have and it was good.

Couchsurfer Donnucha was telling me about Poker, and i found this interesting little bit, or it found that is

I remember reading, ultimate power for a Buddhist is knowing how they will respond to any situation i.e. If someone were to attack them on a street with a stick, knowing they would not fight back is their power and they would not feel hatred towards their attacker.

So with this new kind of power, who needs nuclear weapons?

Met a guy from Texas who was all for nuking countries.

Who needs nukes when you can throw your shoe at someone like Bush and get hailed as a hero!!!

The hero of the day

The Saudi family want the shoe thrown at Bush, and will pay 3 million for it.

The shoe was called model 226 now it is going to be reissued as something like a ´Bush kicker and the demand is huge, the guy who threw the shoe is the new world hero, he also got detained and beaten, an Iraq judge has vowed to find the culprits, should not be too hard to find to identify the bully.

I saw a Bush shoe T-shirt yesterday, I will wait for a good quality shirt. The quality was a bit like Bushes foreign policy, which might have been a tribute, but i´d doubt anyone would get that joke.

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