Saturday, 6 December 2008

As Coldplay would say ´When you take a picture of something you see´

Arrived in Carlos Paz, wit a new tent, no signs of brats from Denmark as yet, went looking for the camp ground.

Diana was getting hot and bothered in the 30c heat. She just wanted to go swimming in a cool mountain lake, but there was none of that here. We sat down amongst all the broken bottles by the dirty river and i said ´Look, there´s a pool over there´, so off we went, we couldn´t camp there, no toilets apparently, lots of bushes and trees though.

Since the economic collapse, everything is for sale, even the signs in the street

The first couple of days it rained SOOO hard, i did not want to chance camping, plus we have a kitchen, fan, if we get sick of sleeping downstairs, we can move upstairs, almost like moving up in the world, if only by 10 feet. Didn´t need the cold November rain, the whole town was dry as a bone when we got here, not anymore, saw a dead dog in the river too, a lot of rain i told yea!

Who wants to say grace?

So after 3 days in Carlos Paz, we (me myself and I) and a Canadian (awful sentence i´m told, no grammer says the Canadian), but as my Geography teacher in Mayfield would say ├Łou cant say ´No´, it has some, so to correct the Canadian in the words of a Geography teacher
´Awful sentence, a lack of grammer´, sure, sure, well we re negotiated the price of the room, 7 nights for 5, not too shabby.

So far we have paid for 10 nights, lounging by the pool and watching cable TV. It is very nice.

Carlos Paz, it appears is Argentinas answer to Las Vegas, i´ve been and i´ve been watching a lot of CSI Las Vegas, i dont think so. I dont think there would be much of a demand to watch CSI Carlos Paz.

Vegas is Americas fasted growing city, seems to me like the kind of place you dont want to live in if they have a big need for forensic detectives, unless your a lab technician going into crime scenes documenting sperm samples in houses (while trying to mantain your balance!)

These trees are everywhere in Rosario and BA

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