Thursday, 11 December 2008

Cheap great wine and good living (but not too much please!)

Saw an ad for Ice cream recently, funny how you never see some fat people eating ice cream.

I just hope she´s thinking about the ice cream flavour and not some other flavour like chocolate or mint chip

You´ve never seen it, until now

Had a great 8 peso wine from a restaurant, can this be real?
Then went back for more and more, it was real!!
It is and the wine was called ´Fredico de Alvear - Borgona´

Pretty Boy Bam Bam

Emily Bear - The Love In Us, Orchestral Debut

Diana was telling me about ´Jesus camp´, and i think, i´m pretty normal after all

Now for more crazy people, you´ve heard of ´Snakes on a plane´, now they have ´Snakes in a church´

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