Thursday, 11 December 2008

Diana says...........

Diana says ´Kieran, you dont say anything, you just quote other people. I dont really know what you think, you just give me stats and figures and quote somebody and avoid the question.´

Now what was the question?

Do you know that the average life expectancy ( in seconds ) of an enemy soldier in a Chuck Norris film: 4

Age most people stop believing in Santa Claus: 8

Age most people stop believing in politicians: 7

More Stats that wont make a bit of difference to you life

But what do i know, it´s all relative, isint it? (Nothing to do with your cousin either)

Jemesons brewery tour, they saved the best for last

Wanna know more interesting stuff?

As some farmer from the country might say in Ireland ´...and that´s all i know anyway´, absolutly feck all you say.

You could have just done a google search......but you didn´t

80% of people know that

Whiskey tasting guide, i passed with flying colours!!!

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