Saturday, 6 December 2008

Doze were da daze

Started off by reading the news, and i couldn´t believe what was in the news, more war? Nope that´s always in the knews thats news, no, Joe Satriani is sueing Coldplay

Apparently Satrini´s song

If I Could Fly

Sounds like

Viva la Vida

Since Satriani´s song is an instrumental and money for song rights usually go to the song lyrics, Coldplays song being about the lyrics, it´s hard to imagine the case he could make, i think he has lost it, and my respect with it, Satriani´s song is the same old boring thing he has always put out anyway.

Then i started thinking about Marty Friedman, my favourite guitarist when i was 16, happy daze

Thunder march

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