Friday, 26 December 2008

Ever been to hell buddy?

All photos are of baby Sneachta

Currently reading ´The grapes of wrath´, it´s much better than Nelson would describe it on the Simpson's, these are the grapes, this is the wrath... And smashes the grapes.

I´m also reading ´Should have got off at Sydney Parade´ by Ireland's greatest writer without a real name, er, he actually does have a real name and it´s Paul Howard, the first ghost writer was a guy who wrote a daily column in the Irish times, that was a big influence on Joyce, but memory and google have failed me here.

He didn´t like Joyce too much, but he was the one who started off ´Blooms day´, If I do remember?

He would be sitting at a bar and hear a word and his column would be about that word, half the country was addicted to his column, the other half were out milking the cows or digging the spuds, that´s how it was in those days before Tescos home delivery service was in operation, people don´t spend their time doing such things anymore, no, they have flat screen tv´s and the like, to read the Irish times, online.

Reading the paper? Thats only for council workers digging a hole (they have not been replaced, how could you replace 8 guys digging a hole, with one guy actually doing all the work? It is the type of work that has passed the test of time and how many of us can say that, eh?

Take a good look at my skin (through your minds eye) I feel like I was in an oven, to the careful trained eye, you can see damage, to the untrained eye, I look like an over cooked chicken (it is very important to cook chickens really well).

I am still under house arrest, for my own good, too much of a good thing. It would have never happened in the Emerald Isle around Christmas, 34c here every day.

Not bad, except if you go out without ´Protection´ you look like you went to hell and your skin tells the story, because my largest organ is quite a story teller.

Heard a story once about a Italian guy in Dublin asking for protection in Dublin was surrounded by 8 security guards before they understood he really wanted condoms.

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