Thursday, 11 December 2008

Got the left nipple pierced, i am not too old.....anymore

Got the nipple pierced by a guy from Hong Kong in Carlos Paz, Diana wasn´t too sure if he did it correctly, apparently the ring should just flop down, just like my cock.
Instead the ring sticks out and up, just like my cock....sometimes.

The flop down effect is what we are desiring....for the ring, too much of a good thing is bad, isn´t life strange after all?

Diana writes in my book

Waiting for the bus in Carlos Paz to go to San Juan. I pushed Diana´s buttons (not the good ones) once too often and she blew up on me (not the good kind either). But i held my ground (LIKE A MAN!) So now she´s witholding bus blowjobs. She´s just scared.

Like a little puddy cat :)

Hmm.. buttons eh? I´m more of a fan of LCD´s + remote controls myself, buttons are so old fashioned, no one uses them anymore. Sometimes you have to move with the times

Diana (on the whiskey) doing an impression of the Queen (on the gin)

I saw this girl on a show called Ellen

Jemesons brewery (back side)

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