Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Heading to Santiago to see my friend Diana

Checked out my horiscope before going to Santiago
Day-to-day life should seem much easier to handle for the most part today and you may find that things that doing things that benefit others will bring you a real sense of achievement. Be aware too that the Mars-Saturn influence from yesterday is still active and power struggles should be avoided! Later in the evening there may be problems and intense encounters - possibly with your partner that upset the balance of power, but playing power games should be avoided! AstroZone

Dianas horiscope

The morning brings a gentle and easy going influence that suggests this is a good morning to be with people you love or engage in group activities that create greater empathy between people. This is a good time for people who are in sales or other jobs where the art of persuasion is needed. Tonight there may be concern about people or events that are connected to loved ones or there may be a miscommunication or misunderstandings of some kind. AstroZone

Time will tell all, and everything is funny over time, so watch out father time, i´m ready for you and your stories, i hope they age better than the wine

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