Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I had a problem, then a solution presented it self

So, i haven´t been doing much writing recently, except to my family to get them to send on a photo of Sneachta (our Chihuahua, pedagree), it is still going on. I would build a house quicker, it is turning out to be a bit like hostage negeotion, it is still going on, maybe Santa Clause will give me a photo of him, so i´d probably write to him too.

The problem i was having was (except being related to any O´Callaghans), i spent about 3 weeks in Rosario and i didn´t really do much except for sitting on a balcony and listen to music and drink beer, so how would i sum it all up he asks, a mix tape my brain said.

So apart from looking thorough the archives in IntheMix.com.au I had a habbit of putting on house music all the time, otheres didn´t quite agree in my choice of music, but that is me.

Other than house and electro, this is the music that summed up those 3 weeks (minus the death metal that was played by the Death metalers of course, of which songs i have no idea)

The solution
Rosario tunes

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