Thursday, 11 December 2008

The joys of straming music

It has occurred to again today that i should not be listening to music on the net again, but i am, and i like it, so what should i do?

But i´m supposed to be traveling, so, should i not be off seeing something instead of listening to electronic music?

I need to get the music in somewhere and since i dont get it at night, things will have to be like this.

Now, i was thinking about a book called Dazingers travels which i one day want to read and i´ll give you a taste

This account describes the author's adventures during an 18-month journey "beyond forbidden frontiers" in Asia. With minimal equipment and disguised as an itinerant Muslim, he hitch-hiked and walked through southern Turkey, and the Iran of the Ayatollahs, entering Afghanistan illegally in the wake of a convoy of Chinese weapons and then spent months dodging Russian helicopter gunships with the rebel guerillas. He was the first foreigner to cross from Pakistan into the closed western province of China since the revolution on 1949.

Listening to straming music? I must be mad! Or am i just part of a new generation? Normal maybe? Or is that going too far?

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