Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Let me take you to a place i like to call ´Home sweet home´


Got the run of the pad while couchsurfer Donnucha is off with his Cathedral girlfriend.
His camping friend is his Cathedral, all the other girls are his churches. It is a very religious country after all and he is like it´s pope (to me)

It´s the Dulux dog, with a haircut

We are on the 5th floor, it´s not a penthouse, i´m not a batchelor (whats a batchelor again, I did say we are not on the top floor, we are half way up or down, what ever way you are going)

We have tunes, movies, books (with and without pictures), beer, wine, sangria, calamari anyone (it gave me the shits, but you can have it), porn to get things started in the afternoon, the porn is the fantasy, what it leads up to, with someone charged with estrogen is reality, really.

But what is love? Could all the porn stars be in love momentarily while the penis the size of a donkeys is being inserted between their hips (not the one between their lips), talk about being force fed, it´s probably something to do with binge and purging, probably, but, easy come, easy go.

I always wanted my own Tyrannosaurus rex

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