Saturday, 6 December 2008

Life after Buenos Aires

Koi fish

After BA, Diana and meself went back to Rosario, i´ve covered it already, but i´ll just touch up on the bits i missed.

Spent a night in the Penthouse, other wise known as ´Shankys place´, the only couch surfing we did in Rosario.

Evitas grave

An Old couple had a cute dog that could do ´Things´ when he was told, my mothers dogs go apeshite when they think i am going for a walk, especially without them, otherwise they act stupid the rest of the time, and it works too

Diana didn´t want to be going out too much, but somehow slipped into a party girl character and we went out to a bar called ´Berlin´, everyone else called it ´Church´, because they went there religiously every Thursday.

So we eneded up buying beers for everyone, again and again and it was fun.

Not just fun, a serious commited fun, i´m too old for just fun, it has to be a meaningful fun, or so i´m told, i just like fun, is that ok by you? And of course the homies had some too, everybody wins!

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