Saturday, 6 December 2008

Memories of Buenos Aires and the Boca game

Didn´t quite finish on my rant about the Boca game the last time, one of the last postings.

Went with D, the Aussie and the ´Dirty French´ speaking Canadian (speaking English, to me anyway)

We went through one of the longest street markets i have ever seen in Santelmo, saw some tango on the way back.

I got breathalised before the game (i wasn´t even playing) i blew .86, and was told go for walk, the guy also told me i should ´Go pissing´ and demonstrated how i would go about it.
Maybe someone should breathalise the breathalisers before they start work?

I was supposed to meet up with a couchsurfer, instead we drank beers with Aussie Kelly + Canadian + slept on their floor, met them after the movie ´Semi Pro` with Will Farell, good movie.

They were sitting in front of us, i think i opened up the ´Dialogue´ by saying ´So what did you think of the movie?´, and after many beers and some pizza, we were sleeping on their floor like puppy dogs (happy ones)

Paparazzi snapping me everywhere in Buenos Aires

I was listening to this Metallica song while Diana got her Irish tattoo yesterday, but thats another story.

Metallica: The Day That Never Comes from Death Magnetic

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