Saturday, 20 December 2008

Santiago welcomed me with open arms.....and legs

Met a German on the bus to Santiago and if you have met as many Germans as i have over the year´s, well, what can i say, it`s always worth saying hello, even for just entertainment value.

Coldplay X&Y

The guy is a financial advisor and is on holiday until the financial crisis blows over, in about 4 years or so he thinks.

He started off by jumping on a container ship (with the aid of a travel agency) and arriving at Brazil, i have heard of this before, his ticket was something like $1600, but if that´s your thing, thats your thing.

He did make a few interesting points, it wasn´t all boring, it´s a sterotype i did not start or help maintain, ok?

There are 3 ways of making a million dollers

1, Sell drugs
2, Have a million $ idea like google or microsoft

ok, with me so far?

3, Find his dream woman, now his dream woman has to have
a, 150 millions dollars on the account
b, 80 years old
c, 42c degrees fever (this is the most important one)

Sounds like a plan, i should get on to it.

Met Diana in Santiago for the best Christmas ever celebrations. Maybe she might bet a bit more...loving.

Diana says
´It´s a Christmas miracle to have Kieran in my life. Thank you,little baby Jesus´

Note from autor: The baby Jesus was carried by a donkey. Got bless donkeys and all animal lovers.

Had an interesting taxi ride from the bus station, the taxi driver was a great guide, he did lots of talking, which was a bit suspicious, as the taxi meter was running, but it was rush hour and i was quite happy to listen to him rant on about all the buildings we passed and in South America, the conversation always goes to chica´s, and every country thinks they have the nicest, the taxi driver thinks Chile has the nicest chica´s in the world and he´s entitled to his opinion.

The Eiffel company did the train station here, it all looks pretty european.

The first night we watched the movie Capote, he´s talking to a woman on the phone and she says to him

Her: I am not going to talk to any strange woman any longer
Capote: Who says i´m strange?

Went to a titty bar, coffee with legs, and the girls look so dumb, it´s hard to believe they are still breathing.

Lua (Donnachas brother) and girlfriend, D and meself went in anyway. He was saying the chic he was talking to thought Ireland was in France. France

Donnucha was in one and a girl asked him where he was from, so
He says: Guess?
Her: America
He says: No it´s an english speaking country
Her: I dont know
He says: Guess, it´s an English speaking country like England
Her: England ?

She didn´t know any other countrys that spoke english outside America, which is probably why she was working in a titty bar.

So when you hear a redneck talk about how someone should speak American, they have a point,

Donnucha was telling me about Eamon McCann´s book ´War and the Irish town´, he says it´s a brilliant history of Derry and the civil rights movement

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