Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Venus the perfect cycle, Australia, Olympics, Galileo and the Clock


Back to Venus, found the reference for what i already knew, you want the reference, not what i know

Venus and Australia
Captain Cook is arguably the most famous explorer of Australia. He was born in Marton, England and spent several years working for a shipbuilding firm before enlisting in the navy in 1755.

Between 1756 and 1767 Cook set about charting the North Atlantic coastal waters off Newfoundland and Nova Scotia and the Saint Lawrence River.

His first great voyage, to the South Pacific, began in 1768 whilst in command of the Endeavour. Tahiti was his destination and the purpose, to transport British astronomers to the island in order to observe the movement of the planet Venus across the sun in June 1769.

Next he proceeded to New Zealand, where he took formal possession of areas from both the main islands and accurately charted 3860 km of coastline for the first time. During 1770 he discovered the east coast of Australia, which he charted and claimed for Great Britain under the name of New South Wales.

And something else, the cycle of Venus was thought to be a cycle of perfection, 8 years in total, the Olympic games is every 4 years, half of Venus

"The space of time between the first appearance of the planet Venus and its reappearance at the same place is exactly 1,460 days, i.e. four solar years, which was the calendar used in antiquity by the Greeks to measure the Olympiades (and also is the time interval between the modern Olympic Games).

Galileo´s bit
Among many other astonishing Venus facts is the fact that the planet appears to change in size and exhibits phases, similar to that of the moon. Galileo in 1610 was the first to observe this phenomenon. This discovery, along with the discovery of Jupiter’s moon created a dramatic havoc by changing the view of an earth-centered system into a new sun-centered system. Hence, the world hence became flexible and was no longer ruled by the gods.

And Clock
The church commisioned the invention of the clock, the clock helped Galileo think of the world as mechanical, which led to him to think that the world was not flat and was willing to be burnt at the stake to prove it

Is that the time?

Gotta go, interesting enough, before the clock in Ireland there was only high tide and low tide, people could not understand the concept of time, because there was always time, tomorrow and next week, the concept of not having any time to do something was was as Alien as waking up with a nice design in your 10 acre corn field.

The end

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