Saturday, 31 January 2009

Leaving La Serena

Some videos from La Serena and couchsurfer Franco´s family

La Serena punks

Los Animals

The family sings the rest of the song

Thursday, 29 January 2009

One of the things i´ve learnt

Couchsurfers in La Serena

A day at the beach

One of the things i´ve learnt this year is nodding my head in agreement when folks say ´No te intendo´, how right they are!!

Aussie Steve that lives in Arizona was telling me OZ now is the pits, don´t go, i will have to bide that time i know.

Passed through Raleigh last year, it´s where Edgar allen Poe is from, don´t you know, check out the Raven

Going out to bar Ingleis later, with the help of an Auto car, and a driver, how nice it is to have a chauffer, later in the night i might utte´r, ´Home driver´, but i doubt it, it´s never a good night to have to walk 15kms or more :)

Francos living room, the punks are breathing all my air

There is some electro party in some bar tonight, might get the night bus tomorrow North to Antofagasto and San Pedro soon after, i was reading the book yesterday, yes miracles do happen, there is a Japanese garden here i could see, but since i´ve spent so much time and when i leave money fucking around on the net, i can justify by not going because they have Japanese stuff in Vancouver, Susi and all sorts of other things (small willies?)

As they say here ´Quando to ver, tu qnoces´ (when you see, you know)

The phrase at the top of the blog means ´I dont understand you´

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I'm often wrong, but never in doubt.

For all ye trippers out there, totally legal too!!

Staying with Couch Surfer Franco, he was saying Brazil, you´ll like it or love it, others say you could get mugged or killed, you should go and see for yourself if you dont know when you´ll be travelling again. This is me, i dont know if i could affors a bus fare when i get back to OZ.

I looked at the air fares from Peru, tix are $460, one way, could be perfect, fly into Salvador and go North and get a plane to hoserville.

Might need to get a move on to Bolivia, not much i want to see in Chile, except for Atakama, meeting people has been the thing for me, slept well last night, a bit of an un-offical party kicked off when i bought a cask of wine (Gato negro) + gave 3 cigaretts to Franco´s mother, then the punks came in and went off to get beers, one of them was 16 too, it would never happen in the USA, beers appeared and there was great merryment, i had to sleep at 2am, didn´t get out of bed until 12pm, the second day in a row, getting used to this sleeping thing.

How To Tell A Story -The Seanachaí (Eamon Kelly)

It´s actually overcast today as it was yesterday, possibly the first 2 days quite a while it´s not in the 30´s, and i had two 10 hour sleeps, where will the madness end?

Franco has about 5 cats and a dog, i dont think could ever get used to it

I read once as you get older you need to develop more interests, so, What are you doing? And you? And you? And you?

Also in the news, my uncle Martin´s binge of 25-30 pints a day ended up in a Nervous brakedown, so let that be a lesson, a lesson to me and you too (free of charge)..... you can pay the girl on the way out of this internet tube, it´s a tube isn´t it? It´s something anyway´s!

Ross O Caroll Kelly added me as a friend i Facebook and you should add him.

I now feel complete

Monday, 26 January 2009

In Brazil, de menz is da bitches.............

Me in San Diego about 1 year ago

This is what Claudios friend told me ´In Brazil, de menz is da bitches´, while he was doing his best to keep up with all the headbanging he was trying to do, and to be quite honest his age was showing, and it´s not very becoming if you havent long hair anyways.

Walter Mitty

In Sau Palo, guys drive in their cars and exchange glances with chicks on the street, they stop, and the girl hops in and they go off to a motel to have sex, but she is not a hooker, this is part of life in Brazil, but you probably need 2 condoms, so it´s a bit more expencive, just a bit. :)

There is also some kind of handshake women give you when you see them on the street which means you can kiss them on the cheek and if that goes well, you can probably go off and have sex with them. Hard to believe, they cut to the chase, no talking, no romance, some would say great!

I have visions of Walter Mitty driving around Sao Paulo, i have to laugh!!!

Some Canadian philosophy i read today (gotta love dem Canadians!!!)

A grain of sand walks up to another grain of sand on the beach and says 'hey look at me, i'm a mountain,' to which the other grain replies 'good for you.'

Heard tell a story when i was a kid, it was one of the highlights of my youth, what i can remember of it (it happened ages ago!)
Eddie Lenihan

And my 30 min is not up yet............

All the photos are from Ensenada Baha, Mexico

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, it´s as good way as any to start off a paragraph, as i´m sure James Joyce would approve. Not Jane Austin, but i do agree with her when it comes to sitting in the garden.

All of the blog postings today were what was going through my head in the last 30minutes.

Now it is time to move on, about time too says you, me too.

Which brings me to the subjest of Heavy Metal, they have that too in Chile.

Couch surfer Claudio took me out and brought me to a place called Bar Engleis to meet his friends in the cheapest place to get a bar, Bar Duma, a heavy metal bar, full of 20 something guys, all in their balck uniform, having a bit of a bit of a headbang over a few quiet beers.

Sunset in Ensenada

He told me when Iron Maiden played here and in Chile when Metalers like you, they spit at you.

Well, no one told the lead singer of Iron Maiden, and he said ´Spit at me? Fuck you, i´m having you´, opera music is never like this, maybe the world needs more opera music? Who can tell? I think i´ll stick to my electro and house, thanks.

And i thought why didn´t i think of that?

I´ve been reading some of Rodger Dangerfield quotes on the random section of my blog, so now check him out

Anyway´s, i saw a guy looking at porn and then i thought, why didn´t i think of that? Which made me laugh to myself, the things people do on the net, i do the blog stuff, other´s look at porn, i never do and it never occurs to me.

Probably like getting a lap dance from a sexy chick and not going the whole way, pointless exercise of driving yourself mad and driving the people around you mad, the cat is not a person, it´s ok to drive a cat mad, isn´t it?

Now, here i go.

I was thinking about the things i achived travelling, writing has helped me a lot, not sure how i´d be if i didn´t do it, when you write anything bad is material.

Some of the highlights

Getting out of Oz, Walking over the San Francisco bridge and hanging out for 2 weeks in SF, Alcatraz, Las Vegas, The Roskilde festival, Hanging out a lot in NY, Grenwich Village, Broadway shows, The warehouse party in Brooklyn, the tattoo´s in Cork, Montreal and NY

The book on the road, and following it´s route from east to west coast and down to Mexico (i saw the scroll too in NY) and the house he started writing it.

Going home for 2 summers (or lack of summers)

Learning Spanish in Ecuador, popping up to Columbia (Irish people were banned before for a while)
The Gallapagos
Asado in Argentina and Chile and of course all the couchsurfing

Did someone mention the little Payerie (more Kieran talk) girl Diana and Yelapa living?
Buying Sneachta, and helping my parents live somewhere that resembles a house and garden

little house on the prairie Classic Sunday TV

Bone crunching nights, no dreams

No more insightful nights, went to sleep last night with lots of bone crunching by the dog Sandy, pretty funny. She was in and out of the room looking for me and was getting upset when she couldn´t find me. I had to laugh, the cat wouldn´t do that, in fact not many animals or animal lovers would do that!

So anyways, dogs rule!

Snoop Doggy dog, er? Snoop talk is cool, maybe one day they will have Kieran talk, and it will be the ´in thing´.

Los Jaivas from Chile they were fans of Pablo Naruda, for people who are fans of him, check it out

A new feature i discovered in, only for verified members is a way to see other couchsurfers who is close to you (Kieran talk right there)

I was thinking, how cool it would be to meet someone that way, someone like me (er? Dream on kid!)

The writing is coming on, if i was a rapper (and i´m not yet, yet), i would have flow, it just comes out. Quickly, reminds me when i was in India.

I was eating too much Chilly, at least some herbal doctor told me so, but i can never get enough, so it´s never too hot.

Anyway he told me that eating too much chilly makes the sperm come out quickly.

Now i´m in Chile, there is no sperm coming out at all, maybe it´s broke? Well at least there is no one slipping in the shower. :)

I could be paying a phuycologist a lot to tell them this stuff, but i´m not, i´m telling you, and if you would like to give me some feedback or request me to cover some other subjests in detail, just send me a message and i´ll do my best.

If on the other hand you think i´m adding to all the other mindless crap already on the net and i should be paying a phycologist a visit and cold hard cash and to boot you would have rather have spent the last few minutes, like you always do, watching interesting documentaries of girls who love their daddies, check this out

It´s a terrible thing to speak so well, and be wrong

All photos are from San Francisco, not taken by Diana, all the other ones were (there copyright stuff taken care of!)

I´m guarding the place, funny Kirsten and Andy were online and i thought D would be awake. Do your research boy, as Rage against the machine would say ´Know your enemy´, only joking, but it does pay to do a bit of research.

I was thinking whatever happened to the Simpsons epesode we were writing, so i guess i will have to ask in the form of a Blog entry.

Those Korean animators must have pretty itchy fingers ´Me know what tot do?´ and ´What happen apter hapy Homer Burger?´

Those poor guys just want to know, me too!

Useless info, i never knew, the Cat Lisa purrs, and this is what she is saying

Purring is heard in domesticated cats when they are petted, and in feral cats during sexual or other social contexts. Like a dog bearing her belly, purring may be a signal of appeasement to other cats or to people, a way to communicate that the purring cat is not threatened.

I´d never thought i´d say this but when Jane Austin said
´To sit in the shade on a fine day, and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment.`

She was on to something for sure.

It's tough to stay married. My wife kisses the dog on the lips, yet she won't drink from my glass.

Rodney Dangerfield

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Coversations with myself, let the madness begin........

All the photos are from San Francisco

Sitting here having a great conversation with myself and thinking about job interview questions and i thought, why not write this down and get a phycologist to see how mad i have become. What a day, couldn´t have picked a finer day to have a conversation with career Kieran.

Now the interview questions are drying up, i´m not worried at all about that. I can move fridges you know and there are couchsurfers in OZ, who needs money? But i wouldn´t go so far as to burn it.

Although the stockmarket has burnt me, but i have done exactly what i want to do, except live in San Francisco, but maybe that was just a pipe dream, no matter, i will go back. This time i will learn how to operate a camera (and maybe how to buy one too!)

There is talk of going to the beach later, the vegans have gone, Fernando was telling me Germany AKA Anna asked him a question and USA AKA Abe didn´t translate it, no matter, he wasn´t too impressed, no biggie.

Official Movie Trailer HD - Life of Biggie Smalls
Photos are from, where else but San Francisco!

Got some footage of the puppie ´Sandy´ that appeared in Couchsurfer Fernando´s back garden.

Sandy the dog

Had a look at on of the videos and it looks like she´s mauling the cat, but that happens 50 times a day, i think the cat, Lisa, sometimes likes it, she likes to be roughed up a little, women?

Something to cheer people up
super, luck, happy, fun man Ricky Gervais

Fernando was telling me, Sandie remembers me and goes looking for me when i´m not around. Maybe it´s all the milk i give her, i´m breast feeding that bitch, ok?

She makes a whimpering sound, not the mamma, not the mama!!!

Gonna get a t-shirt today and play vide Juagos (arcade stuff to you), i´ve installed Skype and Firefox to Chat with Diana, all´s i have to to now is wait for her to wake up.

People here put the emphasis on the ´e´ when pronouncing Skype, as in Skippy, this is all you need to know about skype, then you have to wait for people to wake up and then you talk, sounds simple enough, eh?

We were playing Rummy a few nights ago. Now i know, Abe the Vegan tried to teach us a game called Knuckles (i wont even bother trying to put in a link for it, the less people that know how to play the better, i shouldn´t even be telling you)

This was at 12pm, for the life of me, i have no idea why there are card games that have points and the winner is the guy with 5000 points, for fuck´s sake give me a break!!!

Fernando´s daughter was playing too, she´s 12, i´m supposed to be smart (if you dont believe me, you should see all the big words on my CV!)

She had no chance, i was hoping some kind of Vortex would appear and suck me into a world where the word Vegan did not exist.

Fernando tried to explain, she was only 12, he played cards a lot, he dind´t understand and i was waiting for my black hole to liberation, it never came, i was sad.

Then we played Rummy.

I decided i will leave after the weekend, no rush, the next couchsurfer is lined up, he said the beers are cold. I suppose that´s a good sign. A sign of the times, just when i though i wanted to lose the beer belly, maybe the beer belly will just have to lose me?

I heard once about an alcholic that got a liver transplant, the live he got was from someone that never drank beer, and after the transplant, he hated beer, he couldn´t touch the stuff, i think he sued someone too, but thats people for yea!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Asado asado, Chile style.

The first lightbulb

Had Asado las night, Chile style, coals on the ground, grill is put on some rocks over the coals.
The you have beers and drinks and you play the witing game, you might talk to people around you, the latter happened.

I prefer this to the cook quickly Argentia style, because you eat when you are really hungry, the meat is cooked really slowly, ít´s the Australian eqalent of stopping at the kebab shop after a big night out.

Space is the place people, it always was, this is why they are there and we are here

Oh, and not too much salt. Any doctor worth his weight in, er..., salt, i´m not even a doctor, but i have seen Dr House, series 1,2 and 4 and i know that, blah, blah, blah and all that.

Didn´t have too many problens communication when everybody has a few drinks, too easy he says.

60 minutes?

Gonna try and re-learn the card game ´Shithead´, ode to the things i used to know, guess it´s all because of the new stuff i´m learning, the old stuff gets pushed to the back of my head. I´m sure it will be just like riding a bicycle, the last time i remember riding bicycle, i fell off and was in pain for weeks, apparently i was groaning in my sleep with the pain.

Yep, just like that, isn´t the quest for knowledge a maverlous trait of us (well some of us) Homosapiens.

Kuntae Kinta´s chains

What a great lending to this little tale, if, after playing my first game of Shithead, i get crowned Shithead.

I´m sure it would make my week and you, might be the first one to hear all bout it.

Aint yea got nothing better to do, than look at this kid?

A newly born Madagascar lemur at Besancon Zoo, France. There are only 17 of its kind living in captivity worldwide.

Took most of the day, yesterday to get the words out, might one day do an Impression of Jack Kerouac and write the next great novel. Of course it will all be lies, or, so honest no one will believe it actually true.

Dr House says ´All truths start in lies´, maybe thats soething to do with Adam munching on an apple in the garden of Eden. I wonder is eating apples that are not yours one of the vices, because i would never do that one, never!!!!

There was talk of a road trip last night, Fernando, his brother Pancho and myself, coming back at 5 am the next day. The answer is ´Blowing´ in the wind, should be interesting if it is, and not a cloud in the sky, ahh, perfect!

We are supposed to be going to La Serrena, which happens to be the next place i am going to, but i will be hitching there. Should be a laugh, eh?

Ali´s blurry gloves, no glove no love

The party bus/truck is leaving at 5pm. I wonder who will be on it. I wonder? Did i say i wonder? .....and all that i can see, is just another lemon tree.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Dream time, where in Sigmund when you need him?

Had a dream this morning i was sharing a room with about 6 assholes from Ireland, and just when you though, ´He´s mad there´s no assholes in Ireland for your information, except for the 6 irish assholes in.....´, yeah, there was 6 of them and i was fighting with all of them and i´m normally a pacifist by physique!

Remember her? She´s a Canadian, from Vancouver, or something?

Last week when i left Santiago i dreamt i was fighting in some civil war and i was killing heaps of Chile guys with an AK 47, the bodies were piling up and i was loving it! I think it was Chile anyway, that or Argentina, and they have had enough of killing, dont mentiion the Falklands war.

Readres note: More people/kids died in the gang war in Rio in 1977 than the entire Falklands war

It was time to get out of Santiago. Not sure what the correct interpertation of this mornings dream could be, maybe it´s that i´m becoming less violent?

I´m already out of Ireland, maybe it´s ´Stay the fuck out of Ireland, now that your out´, but summer is coming........ point taken.

Last years Summer should have been called winter. I went from no rain Mexico to you might as well go out in your birthday suit Ireland

I think i might need a phycologist to work out these dreams

Fighting is a no nonsense dream of change, and the dream itself will have to point to the area of your life that will be changed. This signifies a change in job, or a change of enterprise if you own your own business. The degree of change can be determined by how hard you fought, and if you won or lost the fight. If you dream of others fighting it is telling you to be more careful with your financial dealings, and watch your spending

Gun: AK 47 War dream
If you dream of killing someone with a gun, this may represent your desire to kill off part of your self.

Am i getting better?

Why dont i just do a budget, i thought?

Yeah right!!

I´d have about as much luck enforcinig a budget on myself as the Americans would have enforcing Domocracy on Iraq, i already pulled out, now the world waits for Obama to to the same.

The Vegans were telling me they are travelling on a budget of 12k pesos a day fo both of them, maybe 15 Euro a day, i spent 14k in the supermarket this morning. Maybe i could stretch out this travelling ´Buzz´ a itand not my waist line and other lines i could think of, a lyric of Johnny Cash´s comes to mind.

Aint nothin´ to it but to do it.

Went to the national park Fray Jorge (Fryer Monk George). Very like bushwalking in OZ, but next to the coast, with fog, hot and cold air in the mix, you get fog.

I´m also reading Into the heart of darkness, interesting english was the novelest´s 3rd language.

The darkness was the shadow of the whiteman in Africa. What an interesting concept.

There´s gotta be a Jedi joke in there somewhere, but i cant see it :)

Timing they say is everything, and the time now is wine and reading in the sun. Beautiful evenings here, my biggest problem is a lab puppie i christened ´Sandy´ licking my toes (i think she has good taste....bitches)

You give a dog in South America milk and your friends for life, Mexico too, but that´s North America, this is how well travelled i am, i now know the difference, joy to the world, this will go down as an important moment.

Let me tell you about a lazy Sunday afternoon, but not as you know it


Went with Fernando to the supermarket on Sunday morning with all 4 kids in tow, he´s pretty used to weekend cahos, i felt like screaming and running out of the supermarket when i saw all the kids screaming and running around, he told me he likes it, it was madness, one of his ex wives is a Phycologist. It´s a very popular profession in Chile, dont yea know?

But all this was after the wallet incident, let me tell you.

I woke up and i couldn´t find my wallet, it wasn´t n my shorts, and i searched the room. The puppie is always running off with my flip flops, so she was the main suspect, searched the room again, then my bag, then my clothes and then i realised i went out the previous night in my jeans, it was in my jeans.

The puppie was off the hook, case closed. Nobodys feelings got hurt.

Got the dog a flea coller and now i have given her a name and it got the kids approval, it´s ´Sandy´, didn´t pour any water over her head. I´m not of that pursuasion, we wont be doing that. She´ll just have to wait in limbo for eternity, when she kicks off. Heaven is on earth as far as i´m concerned and it´s not everyday you can give and call a bitch a name that´s not ´Bitch´.

Adolesents is way behind me, i feel like an adult and every second i get closer to the 32 mark. The terrible 31´s are behind me, they did get off to a shaky start if memory serves me.

As Dr Dre would say ´Get ready for the next epesode´, bitches. :)

Did you know?
coprastasophobia Fear of: constipation

Couch surfing is heaven, when i die i go to hell, i already struck a deal, so this is ok

Pre-Inca carvings, no cave pantings

Been talking to Fernando and praticing my Spanish, he´s been brushing up on his English, i´ve come on a lot in the last week.

Ferando is a very nice guy and has 4 kids, 2 by each of his ex wives, he had 2 on Saturday and all 4 on Sunday, thats 1+1+1+1, to those of you who cant count. He needed some photos for his profile , this is where Kieran did his AC/DC impression and fired the Cannon up.

Staying i a really cool place his grandfather built as a place for the workers to live in.

The vegans got the double bed with the squeeky mattress, must be all that rice and vegtables making a hell of a lot of noise. You live and learn!

The puppie sleeps in my room, i woke up in the middle of the night thinking someone was reading a newspaper in the room (in a dark room).

I was sure someone was at the end of the room, i was thinking what kind of maniac reads the paper in the dark? She was only looking at the pictures, stupid puppie.

Funny thing is the puppie just appeared in his place one day, a lab puppie too! That likes getting her belly rubbed and chewing things.

He got a kitten for the insects and rats, there is no problem wiht bigger dogs attacking the pppie or kitten like Mexico, all the dogs know if they kill another animal (like a chicken) they will be killed

I´d doubt my mother´s dogs would ever learn that lesson, until it´s too late that is.

Stop the Press!!!!
The vegans came back, they just went to get vegtables. This is what you do when a chicken drumstick doesn´t cut the mustard. The guy told me he has never had meat in his life. Hard to believe, what has civilisation evolved to?

So off we go to see, not the cave paintings, but carvings, to be serious i know they are important, but they were seriously crappy, not wanting to sound like ´Ross O Carroll Kelly´ Roish, but we´re talking IKEA quality here people.

I´m amazed how i could of compared them to Banksy, before i saw them, i seemed so sure. I am now sure i want to have Banksy´s baby, sure, sure he says.


A rose by any other name.....

Couch surfer Fernando + co

Donnucha was telling me his name is not spelled with an ´u´, but for the life i cant seem to figure out how you would spell it any other way, and even when i check the spelling, i still cant seem to remember how to spell it, so i check it again.

Here i ´Donncha Mac Raghnaill´

I was supposed to go with the vegans that are couchsurfing with me to see the aincent ruins/cave paintings, but they mussed me along the road, the foothpath veers in by the school when y walk back from the town.

Maybe i dont look like the kind of guy that would use a foothpath.
Maybe they were expecting a guy to be playing chicken with the cars on the way back?

How great it feels to be all grown up and using foothpaths. I feel like my transition to adulthood has gone very smothly in a leapfrog kinda way.

Now i am home alone while the Vegans are off looking at the Banksy of old.

If they had city councils and powerwashers and old people with nothing else to do except run for city councils, cave paintings would not have been tolerated, which proves how refined and civilised soiety has become.

I´m thinking i could maybe write more about the stuff i´m not seeing, by not actually looking at it.

Maybe ir i dont looj ks ythe computer enwn i look at it ,aubr it woññ knoe whrn i wwnt5 to fwy

Maybe if i dont look at the computer when i type, maybe it will somehow know what i want.

´Anything you can do ui can fo better´

´Anything you can do i can do better´

Bushwalking in Fray Jorge park (Fryer monk Geroge park)

Made it out of Santiago

A few things Fernando has lying around the place

Made it to Ovalle, small little miracle, but the baby Jesus was a little miracle, so i guess that kind of thing happens and it is just a natural cycle, might have to wait another 2009 years to get out of here.

Couch surfer Fernando was telling me his sister uses the guest house i´m in in Febuary only, and i could have it the rest of the time if i wanted, i´m sure this is a bit of an exaggeration, but i wonder..............?

Ran out of things to do in Santiago, movies and cheap beer in the sun, wern´t cutting the mustard. Not too much of that here, not even a radio, and that is fine, time to batten down the entertainment hatches, put the flip flops away (stop flip flopping) take the sox and shoes out of hibernation, pull up my sox and stop thinking about sex.

(Truth be told, i wasn´t thinking about much until i wrote those words, but now i am, the power of the rhyming word, isn´the brain a wonderful thing after all?)

The day after arriving in Ovalle, me thinks me has hit the couchsurfing jackpot, and another thing, it apparently gets hoter the more North you go, everyone was telling me Bolivia was cold, and that´s North, i suppose the only way to know is just go.

Couchsurfer Donnucha was telling me that in Chile the temp is measured in the shade, since it´s 33 in Santiago every day. It´s actualy around 38-40, with not much of a breeze, unless your up on the hill, under the statue of the virgin Mary, and who wouldn´t be?

There´s a fine breeze there every day, the place to be when it´s hot in the city.

The people here laugh when i tell them i am going North to Bolivia, they say it doesn´t even have a coastline, which is true, i guess their laughter is more to do with how i tell the story, poor old Bolivia, can´t even afford a coastline, now i´m laughing :)

This is how you would have grinded the corn, if you were pre Inca

Those magnificent men and their flying machines

Pre Inca carvings, i saw them with my own eyes too!!!

I was thinking about this tune on the teleferica rides in Santiago, have a listen

Oh yeah, went on the teleferica from Provedencia to the zoo, in Santiago. Why didn´t i go on it beofre?

It was nice and cool up there too, saw the swimming pool with the great views of the city. The city doesn´t look like much to write home about, but for the purpose of a blog, it´s just fine, maybe a bit of space filler, just like putting extra big margins in your copy book, that kids do, i did, and then you grow up and it´s about big profit margins, big ones, really BIG!!

Met a Yoga teacher up there too and i was praticing my Spanish, might need to revise the Spanish thing, er......language.

Now to Argentina........

In Argentina, there is a saying that translates to ´Bread for today´ and there´s another one that says ´Give in to all the vices´, but i was wondering what are all the vices, have i already given in to them?

Flashbacks of Carrie from Sex and the city and her probing questions. No thing as a stupid question, only stupid people.
Thanks Carrie for making me feel normal, she just has too much time on her hands, just like me she suffers from Sloth (see vices above) and should get a job (not like me, i am getting too used to my life of leisure to go back to paying tax, it is quite unbecoming of a man of my stature in the community and communities, i wonder through many i will have you know, and sometimes i stay in the ones that will have me)

Dem dam Duke boys, Chile style

Thanks agian Carrie
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