Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Aint yea got nothing better to do, than look at this kid?

A newly born Madagascar lemur at Besancon Zoo, France. There are only 17 of its kind living in captivity worldwide.

Took most of the day, yesterday to get the words out, might one day do an Impression of Jack Kerouac and write the next great novel. Of course it will all be lies, or, so honest no one will believe it actually true.

Dr House says ´All truths start in lies´, maybe thats soething to do with Adam munching on an apple in the garden of Eden. I wonder is eating apples that are not yours one of the vices, because i would never do that one, never!!!!

There was talk of a road trip last night, Fernando, his brother Pancho and myself, coming back at 5 am the next day. The answer is ´Blowing´ in the wind, should be interesting if it is, and not a cloud in the sky, ahh, perfect!

We are supposed to be going to La Serrena, which happens to be the next place i am going to, but i will be hitching there. Should be a laugh, eh?

Ali´s blurry gloves, no glove no love

The party bus/truck is leaving at 5pm. I wonder who will be on it. I wonder? Did i say i wonder? .....and all that i can see, is just another lemon tree.

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