Monday, 26 January 2009

And i thought why didn´t i think of that?

I´ve been reading some of Rodger Dangerfield quotes on the random section of my blog, so now check him out

Anyway´s, i saw a guy looking at porn and then i thought, why didn´t i think of that? Which made me laugh to myself, the things people do on the net, i do the blog stuff, other´s look at porn, i never do and it never occurs to me.

Probably like getting a lap dance from a sexy chick and not going the whole way, pointless exercise of driving yourself mad and driving the people around you mad, the cat is not a person, it´s ok to drive a cat mad, isn´t it?

Now, here i go.

I was thinking about the things i achived travelling, writing has helped me a lot, not sure how i´d be if i didn´t do it, when you write anything bad is material.

Some of the highlights

Getting out of Oz, Walking over the San Francisco bridge and hanging out for 2 weeks in SF, Alcatraz, Las Vegas, The Roskilde festival, Hanging out a lot in NY, Grenwich Village, Broadway shows, The warehouse party in Brooklyn, the tattoo´s in Cork, Montreal and NY

The book on the road, and following it´s route from east to west coast and down to Mexico (i saw the scroll too in NY) and the house he started writing it.

Going home for 2 summers (or lack of summers)

Learning Spanish in Ecuador, popping up to Columbia (Irish people were banned before for a while)
The Gallapagos
Asado in Argentina and Chile and of course all the couchsurfing

Did someone mention the little Payerie (more Kieran talk) girl Diana and Yelapa living?
Buying Sneachta, and helping my parents live somewhere that resembles a house and garden

little house on the prairie Classic Sunday TV

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