Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Asado asado, Chile style.

The first lightbulb

Had Asado las night, Chile style, coals on the ground, grill is put on some rocks over the coals.
The you have beers and drinks and you play the witing game, you might talk to people around you, the latter happened.

I prefer this to the cook quickly Argentia style, because you eat when you are really hungry, the meat is cooked really slowly, ít´s the Australian eqalent of stopping at the kebab shop after a big night out.

Space is the place people, it always was, this is why they are there and we are here

Oh, and not too much salt. Any doctor worth his weight in, er..., salt, i´m not even a doctor, but i have seen Dr House, series 1,2 and 4 and i know that, blah, blah, blah and all that.

Didn´t have too many problens communication when everybody has a few drinks, too easy he says.

60 minutes?

Gonna try and re-learn the card game ´Shithead´, ode to the things i used to know, guess it´s all because of the new stuff i´m learning, the old stuff gets pushed to the back of my head. I´m sure it will be just like riding a bicycle, the last time i remember riding bicycle, i fell off and was in pain for weeks, apparently i was groaning in my sleep with the pain.

Yep, just like that, isn´t the quest for knowledge a maverlous trait of us (well some of us) Homosapiens.

Kuntae Kinta´s chains

What a great lending to this little tale, if, after playing my first game of Shithead, i get crowned Shithead.

I´m sure it would make my week and you, might be the first one to hear all bout it.

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