Monday, 26 January 2009

Bone crunching nights, no dreams

No more insightful nights, went to sleep last night with lots of bone crunching by the dog Sandy, pretty funny. She was in and out of the room looking for me and was getting upset when she couldn´t find me. I had to laugh, the cat wouldn´t do that, in fact not many animals or animal lovers would do that!

So anyways, dogs rule!

Snoop Doggy dog, er? Snoop talk is cool, maybe one day they will have Kieran talk, and it will be the ´in thing´.

Los Jaivas from Chile they were fans of Pablo Naruda, for people who are fans of him, check it out

A new feature i discovered in, only for verified members is a way to see other couchsurfers who is close to you (Kieran talk right there)

I was thinking, how cool it would be to meet someone that way, someone like me (er? Dream on kid!)

The writing is coming on, if i was a rapper (and i´m not yet, yet), i would have flow, it just comes out. Quickly, reminds me when i was in India.

I was eating too much Chilly, at least some herbal doctor told me so, but i can never get enough, so it´s never too hot.

Anyway he told me that eating too much chilly makes the sperm come out quickly.

Now i´m in Chile, there is no sperm coming out at all, maybe it´s broke? Well at least there is no one slipping in the shower. :)

I could be paying a phuycologist a lot to tell them this stuff, but i´m not, i´m telling you, and if you would like to give me some feedback or request me to cover some other subjests in detail, just send me a message and i´ll do my best.

If on the other hand you think i´m adding to all the other mindless crap already on the net and i should be paying a phycologist a visit and cold hard cash and to boot you would have rather have spent the last few minutes, like you always do, watching interesting documentaries of girls who love their daddies, check this out

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