Friday, 16 January 2009

Cheap at half the price

So after Bar 14, meself Donnucha and the girl from Peru stop off for a hot dog, i have one too, so we both pay and off we go, there was a fair few sausages there too.

We both put 2 hotdogs into our bread rolls, not sure why, it just felt like the right thing to do, Donnucha might of had 3 sausages, paid for 1. So he wants more, so he goes over and starts haggeling with the guy manning the cash register, as you do, when your drunk.

So the guy charges him for a chocolate bar, i remember there were 2 sausages left and Dunnocha said, i´m not having one, there are only 2 left, if you remember your sums boys and girls, 2 is greater than 1, remember?

So he has another hot dog, with 2 sausages.

Just another night if you work the late shift in a service station, it would have been funny if he had to explain that to a Judge ´It seemed like the right thing to do at the time´, it sure did and i was there and it was funny to boot.

He tipped the guy on the cash register too, i wonder what he told his friends about the drunk gringos, or the story the snitchy security cameras told with their moving pictures.

We would never do selling hot dogs on the streets of NY, ´You want everything with that´ seems to lose its meaning and take on another meaning entirely.

Random stuff from The city of gods
It mentions Gilberto Gill and a song called ´The more glitter the better´, couldn´t find it on youtube, but i got this one

The Movie ´Sweet Barbarians´ was also mentioned by some street kids as a good movie

Got through a lot of The city of gods in Barrio Brazil waiting for with the tours offer. Sex drugs and rock and roll, just rock and roll please these daze. Rock out with your cock out!!

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Diana said...

I think you mean Barrio Bellavista, hoser. And why have you never given me any credit for the photographs I've taken? I think that's some sort of copyright infringement.

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