Wednesday, 14 January 2009

City of god and The grapes of wrath

Photo shoot for a monumental book swap

Reading the City of God again, i saw the movie again a few weeks ago, with Spanish subtitles, even though it is based on the book a lot of it is changed, but thats movies of you, a great book and great movie, it is all good.

In the last month i have occupied the seconds and mili seconds by watching Futureama, House, Sex and the city amongst others, got Metallica Live in Chile 99 too, Rage against the machine, Malmsteen? Got him too. Time flies when your having fun.

But then i wonder what the hell i´m doing here, not nose clams as Diana would say and this is disappointing stuff.

Got the refund from Aerolina Argentina, eventually, for the ticket i was made buy in Miami, thought i never would get it, but that kind of thing happens when you think, so dont, well not too much anyway.

I was convinced to stay one more night, for a few scoops later, thats beers to the layman, if i´m still here by Saturday i told Donnucha to kick me out, i have to motivate myself some how, and someone else doing it might be the motivation i need now.

Diana is gone too, Exit stage right said the script, now all i have to do is get to Hoserville. Hoserville here i come, but in a tantric kinda way, hope i dont get any diseases i cant spell either :)

I will be heading north soon, as soon as i get the motivation (see above)

I feel like i work for the control centre at Nasa, when will we have lift off Heuston?

I also decided, if anyone in this world should be able to juggle (balls) it should be me, since i´m always hanging around people who can, how many balls should i start off with, more than 1?

Things to do:

Get balls

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