Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Couch surfing is heaven, when i die i go to hell, i already struck a deal, so this is ok

Pre-Inca carvings, no cave pantings

Been talking to Fernando and praticing my Spanish, he´s been brushing up on his English, i´ve come on a lot in the last week.

Ferando is a very nice guy and has 4 kids, 2 by each of his ex wives, he had 2 on Saturday and all 4 on Sunday, thats 1+1+1+1, to those of you who cant count. He needed some photos for his profile , this is where Kieran did his AC/DC impression and fired the Cannon up.

Staying i a really cool place his grandfather built as a place for the workers to live in.

The vegans got the double bed with the squeeky mattress, must be all that rice and vegtables making a hell of a lot of noise. You live and learn!

The puppie sleeps in my room, i woke up in the middle of the night thinking someone was reading a newspaper in the room (in a dark room).

I was sure someone was at the end of the room, i was thinking what kind of maniac reads the paper in the dark? She was only looking at the pictures, stupid puppie.

Funny thing is the puppie just appeared in his place one day, a lab puppie too! That likes getting her belly rubbed and chewing things.

He got a kitten for the insects and rats, there is no problem wiht bigger dogs attacking the pppie or kitten like Mexico, all the dogs know if they kill another animal (like a chicken) they will be killed

I´d doubt my mother´s dogs would ever learn that lesson, until it´s too late that is.

Stop the Press!!!!
The vegans came back, they just went to get vegtables. This is what you do when a chicken drumstick doesn´t cut the mustard. The guy told me he has never had meat in his life. Hard to believe, what has civilisation evolved to?

So off we go to see, not the cave paintings, but carvings, to be serious i know they are important, but they were seriously crappy, not wanting to sound like ´Ross O Carroll Kelly´ Roish, but we´re talking IKEA quality here people.

I´m amazed how i could of compared them to Banksy, before i saw them, i seemed so sure. I am now sure i want to have Banksy´s baby, sure, sure he says.


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