Thursday, 22 January 2009

Coversations with myself, let the madness begin........

All the photos are from San Francisco

Sitting here having a great conversation with myself and thinking about job interview questions and i thought, why not write this down and get a phycologist to see how mad i have become. What a day, couldn´t have picked a finer day to have a conversation with career Kieran.

Now the interview questions are drying up, i´m not worried at all about that. I can move fridges you know and there are couchsurfers in OZ, who needs money? But i wouldn´t go so far as to burn it.

Although the stockmarket has burnt me, but i have done exactly what i want to do, except live in San Francisco, but maybe that was just a pipe dream, no matter, i will go back. This time i will learn how to operate a camera (and maybe how to buy one too!)

There is talk of going to the beach later, the vegans have gone, Fernando was telling me Germany AKA Anna asked him a question and USA AKA Abe didn´t translate it, no matter, he wasn´t too impressed, no biggie.

Official Movie Trailer HD - Life of Biggie Smalls

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