Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I'm often wrong, but never in doubt.

For all ye trippers out there, totally legal too!!

Staying with Couch Surfer Franco, he was saying Brazil, you´ll like it or love it, others say you could get mugged or killed, you should go and see for yourself if you dont know when you´ll be travelling again. This is me, i dont know if i could affors a bus fare when i get back to OZ.

I looked at the air fares from Peru, tix are $460, one way, could be perfect, fly into Salvador and go North and get a plane to hoserville.

Might need to get a move on to Bolivia, not much i want to see in Chile, except for Atakama, meeting people has been the thing for me, slept well last night, a bit of an un-offical party kicked off when i bought a cask of wine (Gato negro) + gave 3 cigaretts to Franco´s mother, then the punks came in and went off to get beers, one of them was 16 too, it would never happen in the USA, beers appeared and there was great merryment, i had to sleep at 2am, didn´t get out of bed until 12pm, the second day in a row, getting used to this sleeping thing.

How To Tell A Story -The Seanachaí (Eamon Kelly)

It´s actually overcast today as it was yesterday, possibly the first 2 days quite a while it´s not in the 30´s, and i had two 10 hour sleeps, where will the madness end?

Franco has about 5 cats and a dog, i dont think could ever get used to it

I read once as you get older you need to develop more interests, so, What are you doing? And you? And you? And you?

Also in the news, my uncle Martin´s binge of 25-30 pints a day ended up in a Nervous brakedown, so let that be a lesson, a lesson to me and you too (free of charge)..... you can pay the girl on the way out of this internet tube, it´s a tube isn´t it? It´s something anyway´s!

Ross O Caroll Kelly added me as a friend i Facebook and you should add him.

I now feel complete

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