Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Let me tell you about a lazy Sunday afternoon, but not as you know it


Went with Fernando to the supermarket on Sunday morning with all 4 kids in tow, he´s pretty used to weekend cahos, i felt like screaming and running out of the supermarket when i saw all the kids screaming and running around, he told me he likes it, it was madness, one of his ex wives is a Phycologist. It´s a very popular profession in Chile, dont yea know?

But all this was after the wallet incident, let me tell you.

I woke up and i couldn´t find my wallet, it wasn´t n my shorts, and i searched the room. The puppie is always running off with my flip flops, so she was the main suspect, searched the room again, then my bag, then my clothes and then i realised i went out the previous night in my jeans, it was in my jeans.

The puppie was off the hook, case closed. Nobodys feelings got hurt.

Got the dog a flea coller and now i have given her a name and it got the kids approval, it´s ´Sandy´, didn´t pour any water over her head. I´m not of that pursuasion, we wont be doing that. She´ll just have to wait in limbo for eternity, when she kicks off. Heaven is on earth as far as i´m concerned and it´s not everyday you can give and call a bitch a name that´s not ´Bitch´.

Adolesents is way behind me, i feel like an adult and every second i get closer to the 32 mark. The terrible 31´s are behind me, they did get off to a shaky start if memory serves me.

As Dr Dre would say ´Get ready for the next epesode´, bitches. :)

Did you know?
coprastasophobia Fear of: constipation

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