Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Made it out of Santiago

A few things Fernando has lying around the place

Made it to Ovalle, small little miracle, but the baby Jesus was a little miracle, so i guess that kind of thing happens and it is just a natural cycle, might have to wait another 2009 years to get out of here.

Couch surfer Fernando was telling me his sister uses the guest house i´m in in Febuary only, and i could have it the rest of the time if i wanted, i´m sure this is a bit of an exaggeration, but i wonder..............?

Ran out of things to do in Santiago, movies and cheap beer in the sun, wern´t cutting the mustard. Not too much of that here, not even a radio, and that is fine, time to batten down the entertainment hatches, put the flip flops away (stop flip flopping) take the sox and shoes out of hibernation, pull up my sox and stop thinking about sex.

(Truth be told, i wasn´t thinking about much until i wrote those words, but now i am, the power of the rhyming word, isn´the brain a wonderful thing after all?)

The day after arriving in Ovalle, me thinks me has hit the couchsurfing jackpot, and another thing, it apparently gets hoter the more North you go, everyone was telling me Bolivia was cold, and that´s North, i suppose the only way to know is just go.

Couchsurfer Donnucha was telling me that in Chile the temp is measured in the shade, since it´s 33 in Santiago every day. It´s actualy around 38-40, with not much of a breeze, unless your up on the hill, under the statue of the virgin Mary, and who wouldn´t be?

There´s a fine breeze there every day, the place to be when it´s hot in the city.

The people here laugh when i tell them i am going North to Bolivia, they say it doesn´t even have a coastline, which is true, i guess their laughter is more to do with how i tell the story, poor old Bolivia, can´t even afford a coastline, now i´m laughing :)

This is how you would have grinded the corn, if you were pre Inca

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