Friday, 16 January 2009

Magic tea is Magic

Jasmin, Magic tea

Cant believe i didn´t have it before, but i guess thats magic, and seeing is believing, which would explain putting a dried up flower in a chemistry beaker and pouring hot water in, this is where the magic happens boys and girls.

The flower bursts out and Hey Presto! Magic tea, that you then drink, the only way to start off your Wednesday morning.

The flower is called Jasnun (in Spanish)

One of the songs i was singing when i left Oz was Coldplays song ´Talk´, the lyric ´When you take a picture of something you see´ come to mind, now i have a camera, this can become a reality, i can now take pictures. In NY, when i got riped off with the camera i bought, i wanted a Cannon (Cannon o was told i the best) now i got Dianas hand me down, question is will any of the photos i take be any good.

You gotta fire your guns, to quote AC/DC, and why not?

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