Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Ode to a place called Germany and the people from there

Rap quote of the day, as Jay Z ´Question is, how bad do you want to know?´

Introducing Olaf from Germany, we me in the Gallapagos, he sometimes sends me a mail, he´s a differn´t kind......of German.

hello crazy boy,
after long time a sigh off me life.yes i still life!
how are you and what is happend?
i dont hear from you,whats up?
i hop you okay!
where you been now,you are on holiday?
or you have to work and to save moeny for the next trip?
i am okay.
only 10 days work and then is finsh agian for this year.
I flight on 5.10. from berlin tegel to bkk.
then i travel dircektion bali(like the last year but with diffrent stops.)
first i go to hongkong and mabay to taiwan.(expensiv but no to much tourist)
later burma, diving on malaysia,borneo,sulawesi and last bali.
and you?
do you plan holiday this year?
when,where and how long?
mabay we can meet us agian!
the next year i will travelen agian to südamerika,start on argentina about
brasil,venezuela to kolumbien.(i like columbien)
you see i plan on the future.(i still dont speak spanish)
okay,crazy boy,take care,enjoy and i hop i hear soon from the irlandguy!

hallo my friend,
only a short message.
how are you and what is happend ?
do you plan the next holiday?
when and where?
i hop you okay!
i am okay.
i plan to go on asia agian!
mabay i meet you?
your friend olaf
ps.take care and enjoy!

See what i mean?

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