Thursday, 29 January 2009

One of the things i´ve learnt

Couchsurfers in La Serena

A day at the beach

One of the things i´ve learnt this year is nodding my head in agreement when folks say ´No te intendo´, how right they are!!

Aussie Steve that lives in Arizona was telling me OZ now is the pits, don´t go, i will have to bide that time i know.

Passed through Raleigh last year, it´s where Edgar allen Poe is from, don´t you know, check out the Raven

Going out to bar Ingleis later, with the help of an Auto car, and a driver, how nice it is to have a chauffer, later in the night i might utte´r, ´Home driver´, but i doubt it, it´s never a good night to have to walk 15kms or more :)

Francos living room, the punks are breathing all my air

There is some electro party in some bar tonight, might get the night bus tomorrow North to Antofagasto and San Pedro soon after, i was reading the book yesterday, yes miracles do happen, there is a Japanese garden here i could see, but since i´ve spent so much time and when i leave money fucking around on the net, i can justify by not going because they have Japanese stuff in Vancouver, Susi and all sorts of other things (small willies?)

As they say here ´Quando to ver, tu qnoces´ (when you see, you know)

The phrase at the top of the blog means ´I dont understand you´

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