Thursday, 22 January 2009

Photos are from, where else but San Francisco!

Got some footage of the puppie ´Sandy´ that appeared in Couchsurfer Fernando´s back garden.

Sandy the dog

Had a look at on of the videos and it looks like she´s mauling the cat, but that happens 50 times a day, i think the cat, Lisa, sometimes likes it, she likes to be roughed up a little, women?

Something to cheer people up
super, luck, happy, fun man Ricky Gervais

Fernando was telling me, Sandie remembers me and goes looking for me when i´m not around. Maybe it´s all the milk i give her, i´m breast feeding that bitch, ok?

She makes a whimpering sound, not the mamma, not the mama!!!

Gonna get a t-shirt today and play vide Juagos (arcade stuff to you), i´ve installed Skype and Firefox to Chat with Diana, all´s i have to to now is wait for her to wake up.

People here put the emphasis on the ´e´ when pronouncing Skype, as in Skippy, this is all you need to know about skype, then you have to wait for people to wake up and then you talk, sounds simple enough, eh?

We were playing Rummy a few nights ago. Now i know, Abe the Vegan tried to teach us a game called Knuckles (i wont even bother trying to put in a link for it, the less people that know how to play the better, i shouldn´t even be telling you)

This was at 12pm, for the life of me, i have no idea why there are card games that have points and the winner is the guy with 5000 points, for fuck´s sake give me a break!!!

Fernando´s daughter was playing too, she´s 12, i´m supposed to be smart (if you dont believe me, you should see all the big words on my CV!)

She had no chance, i was hoping some kind of Vortex would appear and suck me into a world where the word Vegan did not exist.

Fernando tried to explain, she was only 12, he played cards a lot, he dind´t understand and i was waiting for my black hole to liberation, it never came, i was sad.

Then we played Rummy.

I decided i will leave after the weekend, no rush, the next couchsurfer is lined up, he said the beers are cold. I suppose that´s a good sign. A sign of the times, just when i though i wanted to lose the beer belly, maybe the beer belly will just have to lose me?

I heard once about an alcholic that got a liver transplant, the live he got was from someone that never drank beer, and after the transplant, he hated beer, he couldn´t touch the stuff, i think he sued someone too, but thats people for yea!

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Diana said...

Kieran! Bring that little puppy to Canada with you! I need it!

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