Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A rose by any other name.....

Couch surfer Fernando + co

Donnucha was telling me his name is not spelled with an ´u´, but for the life i cant seem to figure out how you would spell it any other way, and even when i check the spelling, i still cant seem to remember how to spell it, so i check it again.

Here i go..........it ´Donncha Mac Raghnaill´

I was supposed to go with the vegans that are couchsurfing with me to see the aincent ruins/cave paintings, but they mussed me along the road, the foothpath veers in by the school when y walk back from the town.

Maybe i dont look like the kind of guy that would use a foothpath.
Maybe they were expecting a guy to be playing chicken with the cars on the way back?

How great it feels to be all grown up and using foothpaths. I feel like my transition to adulthood has gone very smothly in a leapfrog kinda way.

Now i am home alone while the Vegans are off looking at the Banksy of old.

If they had city councils and powerwashers and old people with nothing else to do except run for city councils, cave paintings would not have been tolerated, which proves how refined and civilised soiety has become.

I´m thinking i could maybe write more about the stuff i´m not seeing, by not actually looking at it.

Maybe ir i dont looj ks ythe computer enwn i look at it ,aubr it woññ knoe whrn i wwnt5 to fwy

Maybe if i dont look at the computer when i type, maybe it will somehow know what i want.

´Anything you can do ui can fo better´

´Anything you can do i can do better´

Bushwalking in Fray Jorge park (Fryer monk Geroge park)

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