Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Those magnificent men and their flying machines

Pre Inca carvings, i saw them with my own eyes too!!!

I was thinking about this tune on the teleferica rides in Santiago, have a listen

Oh yeah, went on the teleferica from Provedencia to the zoo, in Santiago. Why didn´t i go on it beofre?

It was nice and cool up there too, saw the swimming pool with the great views of the city. The city doesn´t look like much to write home about, but for the purpose of a blog, it´s just fine, maybe a bit of space filler, just like putting extra big margins in your copy book, that kids do, i did, and then you grow up and it´s about big profit margins, big ones, really BIG!!

Met a Yoga teacher up there too and i was praticing my Spanish, might need to revise the Spanish thing, er......language.

Now to Argentina........

In Argentina, there is a saying that translates to ´Bread for today´ and there´s another one that says ´Give in to all the vices´, but i was wondering what are all the vices, have i already given in to them?

Flashbacks of Carrie from Sex and the city and her probing questions. No thing as a stupid question, only stupid people.
Thanks Carrie for making me feel normal, she just has too much time on her hands, just like me she suffers from Sloth (see vices above) and should get a job (not like me, i am getting too used to my life of leisure to go back to paying tax, it is quite unbecoming of a man of my stature in the community and communities, i wonder through many i will have you know, and sometimes i stay in the ones that will have me)

Dem dam Duke boys, Chile style

Thanks agian Carrie

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